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Leonardo DiKaprio and Kate Uinslet will still be overcome for Oscar !

Early Hollywood morning has appeared ill-disposed for Night watch . In definitive lists of applicants on Oscar which by tradition disclose with the first cocks (hours per Los - Andzhelese showed 5. 30 mornings), Timur Bekmambetova`s tapes have not appeared. Of such exod has been assured, about what repeatedly wrote. Oscars in a category the Best film speaking another language seldom give to entertaining pictures. Especially if they are removed in Russian, the budget absolutely small, it is difficult to understand a plot, and special effects are stolen from the Hollywood blockbusters.

Oscar race, predictably, has headed the Pilot Martin Scorsese, received 11 nominations. All are stirred most of all with a nomination the Best direction . The matter is that - the live classic and a legend - still never received Scorsese Oscar ; it became for a long time a joke, the talk of the town. Probably, this time the academy will deign - taki to award the great director of the award which that has merited still about thirty years ago.

Zamaterevshie Kate and Leo last now not to each other, and to magic gold bolvanchiku...

Besides, Leonardo DiKaprio is nominated for the Pilot in a category the Best actor . And in a category the Best actress Kate Uinslet (but for other film - " is put forward; Eternal light of pure reason ) . If stars converge, lovers from Titanic at last - that will receive the.

among other favourites - Klinta Eastwood`s boxing saga the Girl on one million dollars (at it seven nominations). Old man Eastwood on whom many have waved was a hand, has suddenly thundered last year with a picture the Mysterious river and its new film raises the American critics even more. 74 - the summer classic can receive Oscar as the best actor and as the best director.

at a tape the Magic country about writer James Barri, the author Peter Pan too seven nominations - including the Best film and the Best actor (Johnny Depp).

tapes apply For a rank of the best film of year " also; Aside (Sideways) and Rej . The black actor Dzhejmi Fox, played legendary musician Reja Charlza, - practically the favourite Oscar races in a nomination the Best actor . By the way, Fox nominated also in a category the Best actor in a role of the second plan - for a thriller the Accomplice (there he played the taxi driver who the next passenger had killer Tom Cruise).

In the basic nominations there are no two most scandalous films of last year: Passions Christ`s Gibson`s Chalk and Farenheit 9/ 11 Michael Moore. Moore did not begin to put forward the picture in a nomination the Best documentary film : has decided to struggle for a nomination the Best film of year . And - has flown by with a crash.

winners become known in the evening on February, 27th (and in Moscow - in the morning 28 - go).

And At this time

Bush will feed the Raspberry

George Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Donald Ramsfeld can snip off too film prizes - as the worst actors of year. They are nominated on parodying Oscar the award the Gold raspberry - for the nastiest screen images. Leaders of America are awarded this dubious honour for occurrence in Michael Moore`s documentary tape Farenheit 9/ 11 .

the Main competitor the Gold raspberry - a film the Woman - a cat with Helli Take - seven humiliating nominations. It on heels pursues failed Alexander Olivera Stone in whom, to the regret, were lighted Angelina Jolie and Kolin Farrel.

Bitter a raspberry shines also to the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger for the worst man`s role of the second plan in a picture Round the world for 80 days .