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Lukashenko wants to receive the third term

past Tuesday the Father of all Byelorussians has informed citizens that intend to receive the third term. Alexander Lukashenko wishes to stand on presidential election and to correct till 2011, having set up thereby a record of modern Europe - 19 years of the permanent power. It, certainly, joyful, but Lukashenko has made absolutely anticonstitutional statement (local laws impudently limit the Father to two terms) on a press - the conference devoted 10 - letiju the presidency. As well as it is necessary to the leader in such ticklish situation, Lukashenko was resolute and ruthless to enemies.

it is not necessary to speak about the third term and to frighten people, - the Father has threatened opposition. - what they have bases to forbid me, to the person who has put all life for the sake of well-being of people to participate in this presidential election?

the hall has sensibly kept silent. Lukashenko has logically continued: I think that the people will not forbid me . Also has assured that All will be under the Constitution. All will be fair and decent. It will be beautiful!

a compromise variant with the heir, successfully tested in Moscow, the Father otmel at once. I will consider as disrespect for the people if I press through someone to the power. Any preemnichestva in Belarus cannot be! - it cut off.

as well as it is promised, for appearance in Belarus it is planned to hold a referendum about the third term of the Father, and already the most desperate oppositionists do not doubt that Lukashenko will participate in elections of 2006. And the Belarus leader has venomously noticed that if elections were this year, to it it would be possible to defeat in the democratic image, without applying any efforts .

it is visible, Lukashenko suspects that in two years it is necessary to conquer not only without any democracy, but also with big natugoj.