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Bomb have sent in the parcel post

C a dangerous surprise forwarding agents of branch of Bank of Moscow located along the street Rozhdestvenka have received yesterday. Assorting parcels, they have noticed guarding inscription on one of packages: Will work in 40 minutes!

and it is valid, in some minutes the package has jerked. In 13. 50 explosion by the capacity equivalent to 100 grammes of trotyl, has shaken from nearby roofs of an icicle. Round bank all this time employees of FSB - the blessing, a reception of the last in the neighbourhood ran. Sappers have accurately collected the rests of the infernal machine for examination and have checked up other correspondence.

- the security service of Bank of Moscow, - tells the head its press - services Paul Matjuhin, - has worked immediately and competently. Suspicious parcel have taken out from office not on street, and in an internal court yard, have accurately put in an iron garbage tank. Also have called militia. Neither people, nor bank property have not suffered.

- FSB Management across Moscow and area has filed criminal charges under article 205 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - terrorism - Vyacheslav Rasinsky has informed the deputy the public prosecutor of capital. - There is an information that a series of similar certificates prepares.

police officers connect yesterday`s act of terrorism in the centre of capital with the similar explosion which has occurred exactly one month ago - on December, 25th, 2004. Then the postman has chosen the Kiev branch of Bank of Moscow along the street Raevsky. Chambers of external supervision have fixed the terrorist: the young man in a black jacket and grey trousers has left small parcel on a porch of bank. In ten minutes a parcel has blown up. The wave equal to explosion of 30 grammes of trotyl, has beaten out glasses at parked the Zhiguli . Then the Office of Public Prosecutor has accepted explosion for hooliganism.