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Zurab`s lightning rod?

It seems that the monetization of social benefits has let out the genie of national discontent from a bottle in which he dozed last years, lulled by government assurances that all at us is good. Will tyre out it back oh as uneasy: leaving on streets, people are indignant not only a monetization of social benefits is only an occasion. All collected offences are splashed out. On a rise in prices in shops, on small pensions, grants and salaries, on rent increase... The grandmother from a TV screen so formulates the general mood: Well will add to me of roubles two hundred, and what? Here would increase pension to five thousand...

and after all that is very important: the protesting use sympathy and support of almost all population. Earlier when someone where - that striked or blocked roads, it called poisonous comments a safe part of a society: who supposedly you, children, has paid? The cynicism was in most cases defensible - almost always for protesting there was somebody pursuing the own aims. This time all not so.

On myself I judge. For last year anybody from my acquaintances did not begin to live better. Any person. Perhaps where - that according to official statistics real (that is taking into account inflation) incomes also have grown for nine percent, but I do not know such people. But personally at me the rent in January has grown on 25 % (though all previous year too), the payment for parking place on the sly grew - too on 25 %, for sports sections of children I cry twice more than one year ago, gasoline for a year has risen in price for third... I do not know, how statisticans calculated inflation for last year that it has turned out at level of 11,7 % - on my personal sensations it was in any way below 20 %.

And in January, apparently, all on a broader scale will rise in price especially sharply. And it - against performances of government officials that population incomes grow twice faster inflations that salary growth strongly advances labour productivity growth. From regions letters of businessmen come: what`s happened with solvent demand of the population where it was gone? Yes here there also was gone - in a precipice between an official and real rate of inflation.

now the national anger has fallen upon M.Zurabova as on the main thing responsible for a monetization of social benefits. Though also he not unique who thought out this reform and spent, and reform - only a concrete occasion to expression of discontent of people by the standard of living. It is possible, of course, to hang up all dogs on Zurabova to appoint its lightning rod and with a crash to oust. A leah here only will solve this all problems? Unless hardly - hardly people will calm down. To a following concrete occasion.