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Lenin and now zhivee all live

To our TV men seldom would be desirable to tell thanks . Happened, you will sit down at the screen and you understand that the program became, that not brains to develop, and fingers: you press on panel buttons, and neither to mind, nor to heart of pleasure is not present. However one of these days in night the channel Russia why - that has weakened my loading on fingers. To think only - goes dokumentalka about Lenin, and the intrigue in a shot develops such that all serialshchiki can begin to sob with envy.

it is a question of Vasily Pichula`s picture Vladimir Lenin. Legend anatomy . It would Seem, as something is possible fascinating to make about the character displaced in a shade of our consciousness not only from fast of the Superrevolutionary, which loved children but also from Vovochka`s stool from jokes? It has appeared - contrary to time scab - Lenin and truth can stay again zhivee all live. On a pair of clocks.

for this purpose it was required not so much. Some the clever experts vested for nothing to tell. Fragments from when - that of correct films from the ideological point of view. Shots of the chronicle and the citation from a legacy of the leader. And - the composer talent of the director which, without uttering anything behind a shot, could open for us a door in an old story.

if to speak in today`s language Pichul has spent us on kitchen of image makers of Lenin. On this kitchen each detail is important: even bedraggled by sculptors of a socialist realism the cap appears on a head of the leader not casually. In a kettle has arrived to Russia from zagranki Ilyich, in a bourgeois abomination kettle. But the generation of stylists of that time - PR managers did not doze, and Ulyanov did revolution already in a correct headdress. And, it seems to me, this tiny element can tell about the person more, than hundreds works with izmami .

So, pulling threads in historical satin stitch embroidery, to us slightly open other pattern. Ambiguous and forcing to think. A leah it is necessary to be surprised, what a picture have shown at night? Not rating this employment - thought process stimulation...