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The lost girlfriend in the sleep has warned Lolu about explosion

Yesterday Voronezh has remembered horror of last year when explosions at bus stops one after another rattled. This time has jerked again early in the morning, in 7. 45. But any more on suburb, and almost in city centre. This miracle that in rush hour when from a stop the overflowed minibuses leave, nobody has suffered. One minute prior to explosion there there were the person twenty.

- and half from them - schoolboys! - the saleswoman of the nearest shop Tatyana Ivanovna who saw explosion is terrified. - successively three minibuses have approached and have taken away people from certain death. Has jerked terribly, bolts and small metal garbage have departed to air.

among the passengers who have left on one of minibuses, there could be Lola Prokopenko. It last year has buried the girlfriend Lena to Frolov who were lost at just the same explosion on July, 19th, 2004. But she that night badly slept and has gone for work later, than usually...

Lena Frolov was the godmother of a daughter of Loly.
- I in shock. The girlfriend has dreamt me the day before. Lena warned me! - a shivering voice tells Lola. - dreamt that we again are going to bury it. We wait, when a coffin will incur in its apartment, and it bear why - that in my house! Then I look out in a window and I see that a coffin bear to that bus stop! I have started to rush about in search of a black scarf. Has run out on street. And the stop all is tied by mourning tapes. I look in a coffin, and it empty. I come into the bus and I see blood-stained Lena. Then live Lena dreams me, I talk to it. I ask: how to it THERE? She responds: We THERE will meet . I have woken up later, than usually, with a heavy head. Has thought - as well that it only a dream... And next morning has jerked. It is assured, Lena wanted to warn us...

while the consequence cannot precisely tell, who has arranged explosion at a stop. Not so long ago we wrote that the native of the Volgograd region is suspected of last year`s Voronezh explosions. But it is not excluded that someone has copied its handwriting.