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pork, stuffed dried fruits, with sauce Boche - boll and vegetables

it is necessary (for 1 portion): a pork cutting - 160 g; dried apricots without stones - 40 g; prunes without stones - 30

For a garnish: tsukkini, carrots and a potato - for 40

For sauce: cognac, liquor Amaretto red wine and lemon juice - on 2 items of l., orange juice - 3 items of l., a cube slice.

for marinade: red dry wine - 50

For podzhiga: liquor the Elder (or cognac - is better to use the Georgian or Armenian, having more tart taste and the big strong hold, than the French cognacs) - 10


1. From a cutting to cut off films, to pierce almost on all length an aperture by means of a knife or the Chinese wooden sticks.

2. In an aperture to enclose, alternating, dried apricots and prunes (prior to the beginning of their cooking it is necessary to pickle within 20 minutes in red wine).

3. To salt, pepper and fry on the heated vegetable oil for 2 minutes from each of four parties. To finish to readiness in an oven (about 10 minutes at temperature of 250 degrees).

4. Special dredging to cut out from tsukkini, carrots and a potato balls (or simply knife - the big cubes) to boil, then to lower in hot fan on 1 - 2 minutes for giving of golden colour. To lay out on a paper napkin for butter removal.

5. For sauce preparation to pour in kovshik wine, cognac, Amaretto to squeeze out juice of an orange and a lemon and, mixing, to finish to boiling. To set fire. When sauce will cease to burn, add a cube slice, to stir.

6. On a dish to lay out, alternating, a circle from vegetable balls, on the middle - the cut cutting, to fill in with sauce.

7. To pour over a cutting liquor the Elder and to set fire!