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In a quarterfinal Nikolay could not become the first

Whether the stomach has brought Nikolay, whether a foot, whether it from - for heats had problems with breath - anybody precisely could not answer a question why the Russian has stopped struggle in the third set. Certainly, to struggle with Roddikom Davydenko while it is difficult. An exit in 1/ 4 Australian Open for Nikolay already superresult, but nevertheless a hoping against hope it was saved to the last. In the same football we after all believe which year that our national team will arrive on the World championship or Europe and all will defeat. Why we cannot believe in a miracle on a tennis court? Roddik ubojno submitted, zakolachivaja ejs for ejsom, but Davydenko extended the giving. In

2 - m a set the Russian has called the doctor on court. The doctor has offered it an inhaler, then not clear waistcoat. This break for any time has beaten out the American from a victorious rhythm and has forced to be mistaken. Kohl like it was hooked for a set, but to pull out it and could not. In the third party advantage of Roddika of doubts did not call. On court there was again a doctor, and Davydenko has stopped game. Now in 1/ 2 endings of Roddiku are necessary a meeting with Australian Llejtonom Hjuittom, defeated Argentinean David Nalbandjana. The second pair - Roger Federer and Marat Safin who together with Maria Sharapova will present Russia in the Australian semi-finals.