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Diary of the automobile owner

the Test - a drive - the beginning of all beginnings. You want to get acquainted with car - arrange to it test.

sit down for a wheel pompously, prokatis on a platform, vyruli on a crossroads under strained posapyvanie the adviser - the seller... However there is one small but . On the test - a drive you take the brand new car, and in half a year (the year, - to whom as will carry two) questions begin. It as in home life: to a registry office all brides of the beauty and the clear head, and the life next morning begins, and here - besides - to whom as will carry. What will be with the car through 10 thousand in km of run? How it will prove to be in the snow winter? Or during a thunder-storm in the beginning of May? How much money will leave on its maintenance?

and here - it is necessary, what good luck! - our editorial autocritic Alexey Matveev has decided to get Hyundai Getz car. We have congratulated him on motor car park updating, but there and then on an old editorial habit have given to the guy the task: In detail and whenever possible impartially to keep a diary of the automobile owner. For impartiality there are important preconditions: 1) the car is bought for the money so we are not connected by any contractual relations with manufacturers and dealers (unless they will wish to give comments to our diaries); 2) ministering to interests of readers - motorists for us above all.

it is not excluded, of course, that Alexey will try to embellish slightly the validity not to give to colleagues of an occasion to gloating ( spoke to you, buy Bentley, and you have rested against the Getz ) But we will track it. On the other hand, and reviews in the spirit of Be prokljat day when I have sat down for a steering-wheel of this vacuum cleaner! we from it do not wait. We on a broader scale absolutely sincerely wish the colleague of successes at the wheel.

the first impressions at Alexey already are. Recent Moscow snowfalls as journalists like to speak, have not left indifferent anybody from automobile owners. But it is not enough of it, it is important to us to know, how the car in peace life will prove to be.

we will fix everything, to tell - about the most interesting.

good luck, the colleague!