Rus News Journal

Have stolen - have washed - have returned

in the Sabbatical evening the driver of Toyota Land Cruiser of Elms has parked on one of streets of Vladivostok. But, leaving the car, has not had time to press at all the alarm system button as three have jumped out of a dark gate, have selected at it keys, lodge in a car and have left! Elms has rushed in militia. On alarm have lifted all staff dorozhno - patrol service.

searches have ended non-standard: the car have found! Near to a place, whence it have stolen. GAI officers slightly were stunned: on a jeep footboard keys, in salon - a mobile phone and a mink cap accurately lay. Besides, the jeep has been washed, in the polished boards it was possible to look, how in a mirror!

All piece that number of the stolen car has appeared “ criminal “ - With 017ΡΡ. With such across Vladivostok there go only high-ranking officials of regional administration. And it is concrete on this jeep as it was found out, usually on affairs goes vitse - governor Boris Geltser.

- Probably, “ morons “ at first Land Cruiser have stolen, and then numbers have made out! Here also have got a fright, have thrown the car, - so otkommentirovali “ a situation GAI officers.

- and have washed - that what for?

- Well... Apologised, probably. Or fingerprints wanted to clean.

- from all body?!

the Grief - car thieves yet do not send.

and more so, just in case: “ wrote how have stolen a magnificent foreign car at Boris Gryzlov`s wife in its stay by the Minister of Internal Affairs. And have not found.

Perhaps to suggest whom to be tried from high-ranking officials of Primorski Krai on fast of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia? Though with stealings an order will guide, their time so gangsters is afraid!.