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In the beginning of spring we bake pancakes

the Actress of a platform Elena Vorobej - the person versatile: is able not only to make laugh people, but also pancakes the furnace. Moreover as! Therefore has called on blinnyj a duel of readers (see from 3. 02. 05)...

And our readers - the people on lifting easy. Homemakers, mechanics, engineers, telephonists and forest wardens have lighted up desire to battle to the popular parodist at a plate. It was necessary to choose the rival to Elena Vorobej by means of a lottery. The destiny finger has specified in Victor BYLINSKY, the sanitary technician of teacher training college.

to both participants have given out on two frying pans. On them it is necessary to fry as much as possible pancakes for 45 minutes. And not aby what, and tasty! The judge, it the head cook of restaurant JAr Maxim TARUSIN, has told have gone also has waved a hand...

dough everyone gets mixed up to itself(himself). The compounding is unknown, because all strew approximately: a flour, salt, sugar... Lena adds unsweetened yoghurt, and Victor - milk... As well as it is necessary to the creative person, the Sparrow is fond and prepares two kinds of the test: for simple pancakes and for... omletoblinov.

- They were prepared by my grandfather, - Elena tells. - it is necessary to hammer into dough of more eggs and then that turns out such zheltenky not a pancake, not that an omelette...

... Time has expired. Elena throws in air last pancake (to this focus she has learnt in a student`s hostel, there there was nothing to overturn pancakes, from instruments of labour - only a plug...) . Victor shines: its hill of pancakes of time in two above! We recalculate: at Elena Vorobej - 13 thin fritters and 4 omletoblina, and at our reader - the whole 25 pancakes! It would Seem, here it - victory! But here the head cook JAra has started tasting and... Alas! On taste Victor`s fritters obviously lost: any dryish and fresh... because you in dough not enough butters have poured it - Maxim Tarusin has diagnosed and... Declared a fighting drawn game. Such deal suited both blinopekov - after all lost is not present!


THAT the PANCAKE was not the CLOD

Maxim TARUSIN, the head cook of restaurant " Advises; JAr :

That pancakes did not burn, add in dough 2 items of l. Vegetable oil.

if fibers for the test to shake up separately, pancakes will turn out more magnificently.

if fritters are torn at perevorachivanii, add torments.

Instead of yeast it is possible to use soda: 1 ch. L. gashennoj soda vinegar on 0,5 l of milk.

at sifting the flour is enriched with oxygen, therefore dough becomes vozdushnee.

If pancakes turn out pale, add in dough of a few sugar.

it is very convenient to grease a frying pan with the half of a crude potato moistened in butter. If will grease by means of a bulb half - receive easy onions smack.

if you are going to wrap a stuffing bake them on the one hand in pancakes - then they will not be dryish.

that yeast dough has well risen, do not put it on a draught.


the Shrove this year will pass from March, 7 till March, 13th. Under the church charter there is this week a meat already it is impossible, and other products of an animal origin (milk, eggs, fish...) Still it is possible.


Dough for thin pancakes

is necessary (on 30 pieces): 1 l of milk, 3 eggs, 1 item of a flour, 2 items of l. Vegetable oil, salt and sugar - on taste.


the Flour to mix with eggs and slowly to pour in milk, to stir. To add salt, sugar and butter.

it is possible to fill thin fritters with jam, cottage cheese, any salad and even a herring with pickles...

firm BOSH Coffee maker, and still a set of the Czech ware Victor Bylinsky has received AWARDS from as the fastest blinopek.

And Elena Vorobej for the most tasty pancakes the gift (the multipurpose kitchen processor) was handed over by representatives of a chain store system of home appliances and electronics the WORLD . That was completely not casual: What can be the best gift to the woman - to the culinary specialist the day before 8 Martha, if not home appliances? And where to search for home appliances, if not in the WORLD ?