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In what force, zelts?

it is authoritative!

eat and do not hesitate

Anastas SEMENOVA, the manager. Laboratory of technology of sausages and half-finished products of all-union scientific research institute of the meat industry of V.M.Gorbatov:

- Sausage products from blood though are cheap, but on nutritiousness and caloric content do not concede more expensive to colleagues . Blood sausages are rich with iron. In them a lot of fiber - the whole 20 % (in " contains; Doctor`s to sausage - only 12 %, in Tallinn - 17 %). But the most important that this fiber is much easier acquired.


From - that blood quickly spoils, term of realisation of blood sausages does not exceed 72 hours (compare to a period of storage of boiled sausage - till 45 days!) . Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to manufacturing date to avoid a poisoning.

where to buy

Blood now is on sale in a dry kind. It looks like a flour darkly - claret colour, is completely disinfected from bacteria. To reserve it it is possible through the Internet, even by mail cash on delivery.

one kg of dry blood costs about 130 roubles. Dry blood can be added in sauces, borsches, goulashes, even milk.

the very picture of health!

Today crude blood nomadic Mongols, inhabitants of Tibet and Andov use, the people of the Far North, inhabitants of some areas of China and Africa.

African MASAI mix blood (goats or bulls) with skvashennym milk. Zagushchajut it on fire. And then navorachivajut with porridge from millet and bananas.

and we CHUKCHI heat blood, while it will not be curtailed. Separated whey vypaivajut to dogs, and blood clods dry up and put in a bag, filling in with the seal fat. Then from such cubes cook soup.

it also has accepted life from the horse...

When - that our ancestors, the charter in a campaign, brought down a horse, pierced an arrow a vein and, having nestled lips to a wound, drank to a floor - blood litre. And then covered a wound with clay. Twenty horses sufficed, that for lack of food to support fighting spirit of one horseman during a campaign. 200 - 500 g the warm not curtailed blood allowed the wounded warrior to wake up next morning healthy and to continue a campaign.


How to prepare zelts

This elementary dish from blood. For its preparation everyone will fit pork obrez: pork legs, skins, a head - all that gives zheleobraznyj a broth. All kindly cook it with salt and spices 3 - 4 hours. Touch, deleting cartilages, crush. Then add any entrails (a liver, language), blood (a blood flour) and cook 2 more - 3 hours. Weight fill in in a sleeve from a culinary paper or a film (is on sale in household shops), the ends fasten. Cook 1 hour. Then zelts cool in the refrigerator 10 - 12 hours.


do not remove in soup a skin

the Dietician Belief BOLDYREVA:

- Blood - extremely useful component of food. Unfortunately, a fashion on transparent broths when - come to Russia from France, blood has accustomed us to remove and throw out that curtailed into time of cooking. It is not necessary to do it at least in borsches, soljanke, i.e. in opaque soups.

blood (dishes with blood) regulates exchange processes in an organism. It is irreplaceable at a lack of vitamins, zhelezodefitsitnoj the anemias, badly healing traumas and wounds, after operations, the chemotherapy, the transferred infectious diseases.

dishes with blood for krovetvorenija the person are useful: it raises haemoglobin, improves characteristics eritrotsitov, raises quantity of vitamin C in plasma.