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Alexander TSIPKO, the political scientist: Elections - 2008: a referendum about the sovereignty of Russia

the Public presentation of Michael Kasyanov as the protege of the USA on presidential election laying ahead in 2008 in Russia has not casually called shock. The open oath of the citizen of Russia, the politician of serious scale on fidelity to another`s country which spends till now in relation to us not always the friendly policy, at least in the CIS countries, yet was not.

to Feodor Mihajlovichu Dostoevsky whom Smerdjakova in image pictured natsional - the betrayer regretting that to Frenchmen and it was not possible to break Russia in war of 1812, and the such could not come to a head. Smerdjakov for Dostoevsky - an exception, not characteristic for Russian nation. During the summit in Bratislava Michael Kasyanov - the healthy fellow - the hare, the favourite of women, the serious politician openly applying for a role of the leader of the country with thousand-year history, for a role of the leader of one of world powers, without a confusion shade says after the US president that it the country goes in a wrong direction . This phrase - actually a knife in a back to the President of Russia. The present power supposedly does not lean against base democratic values: division of the authorities, independent courts, freedom of mass-media, private property protection. And, as it is known, Bush criticises Putin under the pressure of democrats, owners New York tajms and Washington - fast . Eventually Bush, as well as all Americans, a little, that knows about modern Russia, that stood up for so-called democracy and freedom of mass-media at Yeltsin. But Kasyanov all knows also all understands. Kasyanov meaningly, voluntary plays a role of the roman catholic, more devout, than the Pope. It the person who fine knows that at Yeltsin freedom was reduced to Boris Berezovsky`s freedom to appoint and remove the prime minister - ministers, without a confusion shade erects an abuse to the country to be pleasant to those who does not love Russia.

in a phrase of Michael Kasyanov I, being in the United States, met politicians and businessmen. Together with them we analyzed various aspects of that occurs in the world and the country. And in many respects our estimations coincide the diagnosis of that spiritual illness which has amazed our liberal elite, all those, and first of all leaders of Union of Right Forces who, by the way, are ready to make Kasyanov the candidate for presidents is concluded. In this phrase the consent by that " first of all is concluded; politicians of the USA are the sovereign, main arbitrators at the decision of destinies of the world and Russia. In this recognition the consent with the colonial status of Russia, the consent that all main points including a course of our internal policy (Kasyanov did not speak about foreign policy), should dare behind ocean, in so-called " also is concluded; Washington obkome parties .

Personally me the destiny of Michael Kasyanov as not so stirs the politician. Its press - conference not simply false start, and political suicide. It is very good that Russia has seen original essence former impressive and statnogo the prime minister, has seen that the politician who deliberately becomes back to Russia, openly tramples on its interests and worthiness attracting, were pleasant to the friends in the USA. Russia has seen that in the name of Kasyanov we deal with the politician who cares and of the worthiness, and about worthiness of the country a little. The politician who as eks - the prime minister, frankly defended interests of the oligarchical capital, insisted on total privatisation cannot have today success. Kasyanov will not manage to become new the second heir Yeltsin. To it the role " at the best is prepared; the protege of a family leaning against support of the USA.

I am am frightened by another. Me frightens that Kasyanov, undoubtedly sound and prudent person, does not feel protivoestestvennosti the act, does not feel that its open servility, servility in front of the USA give provincialism, holopstvom. By the way, even the intelligency of the British colonies in the relations with metropole tried to save worthiness. And here eks - the prime minister still world power has smeared on a wall and, both the country, and the people, and simultaneously admires itself.

you can present to yourselves that, for example, the candidate for presidents of France, even Poland, has begun the election campaign with the story that it has visited recently the USA, and its situation assessment in own country coincides with the point of view of the USA about it, and that it, becoming the president, undertakes to follow instructions of the US president. No. That has sounded from a mouth of Michael Kasyanov, any politician of the sovereign European country respecting does not presume.

such wide servility of the Russian person before the winner was not in Russia since a distemper of the beginning of a XVII-th century.

to me can tell that Kasyanov aspires to imitate Yushchenko that the present Ukrainian president also openly positioned itself as the protege of the USA and the West and eventually has won. But this comparison is incorrect and unsuccessful. Certainly, the USA used Yushchenko for definitive replacement of Russia from Ukraine, from Postrussian space. But it is impossible to forget, as Yushchenko used the USA for the national purposes, at least, for realisation of interests of that half of Ukrainian nation which dreams of a national revenge, dreams to create the own Ukrainian state independent of Russia.

and on what candidates for presidents will work for us? To begin the political start with a fidelity oath Washington obkomu ? It is not excluded that they will work on izzhivanie the rests of the state sovereignty of Russia. The USA are ready to strengthen the sovereignty of Ukraine wherefore, in - the first, it is directed on easing of Russia, and in - the second because Ukraine is the denuclearized country and in any way does not threaten strategic interests of America. But it is obvious, and it was proved by experience of last fifteen years that the USA are not interested absolutely not in strengthening of the sovereignty of Russia as nuclear power, as weakened, but nevertheless the strategic rival. It is impossible to forget that Putin from the point of view of the USA has gone in a wrong direction not when has deprived of Gusinsky of possibility to support Maskhadov`s business and when has made decision to modernise our nuclear arsenal.

is obvious also that struggle of the USA for so-called democracy to Russia it is directed on expanding political possibilities for those who struggles with Russian gosudarstvennichestvom ; who is ready to hand over the Russian sovereignty who wants to transform Russia into the second Brazil.

the beginning, in my opinion, unsuccessful, presidential campaign of Michael Kasyanov nevertheless has positive result. It has reminded of real threat of transformation of campaign for presidential elections in 2008 in means of submission of Russia national - to the state interests of the USA. We have no right to admit a situation at which the politicians who are not expressing any interests, except interests of the USA and their political lobby in Russia will be candidates for presidents. Otherwise our forthcoming presidential election will turn to a referendum about the sovereignty of Russia, a referendum with all that it implies historical risks. It is necessary to forbid in the legislative image participation in campaign for presidential elections of Russia of those politicians, which as Michael Kasyanov, openly call into question the sovereignty of the country. It is necessary, using the law, to debar from presidential elections those political parties and those politicians which are financed from the outside, for example, at the expense of the USA. Anywhere in the world do not suppose to participation in elections of the head of the country of politicians which are openly financed from the outside. In the civilised and democratic countries race for power is a competition between various groups of national elite. It is necessary, yet late, to take all measures against rooting in Russia neocolonial consciousness, loss both at elite, and at the population of feeling of national worthiness.