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We to Chile sharpened canines

Today in Moscow the match 1/ 8 endings of a man`s team championship of the world on tennis between Russian national teams and Chile begins.

twice - in 1963 and 1967 - the command of the USSR smashed Chileans. Having inherited and having increased glory of the Soviet tennis, the Russian national team for all history never with rivals from Chile was crossed before: we basically played to the main, so-called World group of the Davis Cup, Chileans were more trampled down in qualifying tournaments.

fellow countrymen of Pinocheta all tennis world on - to the present zauvazhal after the Olympic Games in Athenes where Chileans took gold in steam and the single, having added to it single bronze . Be South Americans now in the strongest structure, the exit of Russians in the Davis Cup quarterfinal far would be not so obvious. However the Athenian champion Nicolas Massu from - for traumas has not arrived to Moscow. In its absence a leader of Chileans became 13 - j number of a world rating and bronze prize-winner Olimpiady Fernando Gonsales. It also will open today a match a duel against Michael Southern.

losses of rivals have strengthened belief of ours in victory. at first Misha will win, and then - I! - Marat Safin has dashing declared. - on Saturday steam too we will defeat!

in the pair category at us Nikolay Davydenko and Igor Andreev, however the captain of a national team Shamil Tarpischev will act has the right to do replacements., By the way, Tarpishchev has already made one replacement, having given the second number in the command Southern, instead of Davydenko though Nikolay costs above Michael in a rating. I so have solved, because Southern now in the best standards, than Davydenko - the captain of Russians has explained.

two single meetings today   and on Sunday begin in 14. 00.

Steams will play on Saturday in 15. 00.

the Price of tickets in Olympic - From 50 to 1450 roubles.