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Cones strikes back

At first about it spoke in a whisper, then aloud. Today it became the fact. It is literally for an hour before the termination of check in of candidates on fast of the president of the Russian football union (RFS) one more applicant has been registered. happiness general director RFS Alexander Tukmanov - the associate, the friend and the co-worker of present president Vyacheslav Koloskova has decided to try.

we Will remind that earlier by candidates senator Vitaly Mutko, the former goalkeeper Anzor Kavazashvili and the former vice-president Yaroslavl " have been registered; SHinnika and nowadays the party functionary an United Russia Michael Zhukov.

clear business, for an hour before the check in termination all designated victory to Vitaly Mutko - it not without justification named the Kremlin protege, and it means what to obstruct is useless. But today, seemingly, the armchair prepared in the Kremlin for the senator, has begun to rock. The main favourite had a strong contender.

officially Tukmanova has put forward the Union of veterans of the Russian football. But, matter of course, not without the help of Koloskova. I do not speak about pressure. But without the knowledge of the present president (to which, consider, have in the form of an order advised to leave) the general director in elections to participate did not become.

why Alexander Tukmanov did not hurry up with application? A syllogism? Probably, all is easier. The situation miscalculated. Cavalry swoop the Kremlin walls you will not take. General director RFS well know in the regional organisations. And the present president has huge possibilities to provide Tukmanovu strong support of delegates otchetno - elective conference.

Besides, Vitaly Mutko had imprudence to tell that does not see sense in that Vyacheslav Koloskov on - former had powers and fasts in the international football organisations - FIFA And UEFA. Therefore the present president also has decided to show the force, has let know, as on an extra time of force with it remained. Moreover what forces! How its influence is great, tells here this fact. On last executive committee RFS resheli to place for consideration conference a question on establishment of fast of the honourable president of the union. Clearly, for whom it intends.

In a word, on April, 2nd on otchetno - elective the press - conferences is necessary serious fight. Candidates while parts represent the programs. Percent on 80 - 90 they, softly to tell, have something in common. So it will be not struggle of programs, and struggle support groups .