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As krasnodartsy have solved a chemist`s question

the Municipal drugstore 8 cities of Krasnodar are in the centre of the Kuban capital - in the street Yankovsky, 30. Daily about all its three windows turns from the townspeople having the right to preferential medicines gather. But if still one month ago here often it was possible to hear abuse and lamentations of visitors from - for absence of this or that medicine today such cases it was considerably reduced.

- the matter is that now we not so sharply as earlier, we feel a lack of medicines, - Aelita Abramjan managing a drugstore speaks. - If till January, 2005 city drugstores very much needed such expensive and rare medicines, as, for example, applied in cardiology preduktal MV today our exempts can receive them without turn.

every day 20 municipal drugstores of Krasnodar and 14 points of holiday of preferential medicines at polyclinics do to City chemist`s management the order for medicines for federal and regional exempts. Management in turn sends inquiry about the Krasnodar chemist`s state warehouse. And if necessary medicines are available, they there and then arrive in the drugstore which has placed the order.

- we do not refuse to any exempt fixed to a drugstore, - Aelita Abramjan continues. - But if any preparation is not present available, we simply include it in our next demand and we wait, when a medicine deliver.

... The middle of the working day. In a hall of a drugstore about ten persons. Vladimir Albertovich Mukovchan, the invalid of the second group, stretches in a window the recipe on reception of a preferential medicine.

- heart plays pranks, - the man speaks. - here the therapist has written out to me arifon - ritat. Know, to me it constantly should be accepted, only to receive on privilege I this medicine earlier could not. In its drugstores it was not simple. It was necessary to fork up and buy for the blood. To tell the truth, this time too did not hope to use a privilege, but has just in case called in a drugstore. And to me there say that can come and take away at any time - arifon - ritat is in full . Then that with introduction of new system of a medicine for exempts in drugstores have really appeared.

- know, all of us more often steels to hear words of gratitude for work from visitors, especially from exempts, - Aelita Abramjan speaks. - And to us it is very pleasant.

though works at druggists has increased. As, however, and at doctors in polyclinics.

- Writing out the recipe, the doctor should be verified with the regional register of exempts, the list of medical products confirmed by Minzdravsotsrazvitija, with the data about presence of preparations in State Unitary Enterprise the City chemist`s warehouse - the head physician of the Krasnodar polyclinic 10 Vladimir Maranjan tells. - Our doctors processing recipes of exempts, through a computer databank of Fund of obligatory medical insurance have constant access to daily updated necessary information. Certainly, time for delivery of medicines from - for difficult, but the form of the recipe insuring against a fake with set of codes has increased a little. Therefore together with City chemist`s management we have entered nou - hau: now on our point of holiday the operator bringing the information on the recipe in the computer, the pharmacist or the pharmacist work, and in the near future there will be also a medical worker.

in 2004 on medicinal maintenance of federal exempts Kuban has received 130 million Roubles, or 25 roubles a month on one exempt. This year under the new law a month 350 roubles rely on everyone. Monthly on medicinal maintenance of preferential categories of citizens from the federal budget to regional treasury it will be listed to 140 million roubles. It turns out that every month krasnodartsy will receive more than for all last year.

- today in Krasnodar live 80 thousand federal exempts. More 63 inhabitants of the regional centre have the right of 114 thousand to the preferential medicines paid by the regional and city budget, - tells director MUP the Krasnodar city chemist`s management Maria Shustel. - From calculation that on one federal exempt is monthly necessary medicines on 350 roubles, in a month to our management 3 million - a reserve on the medicines which are not containing in the list is required to 25 million roubles, and more. Now our experts manually process in day on 3 thousand recipes. And the most part from them has been provided by preferential medicines. With medicines for regional exempts, and it is the sum of 3,2 million roubles monthly, problems on a broader scale are not present.

Maintenance with medicines of regional exempts has completely laid down on shoulders of the regional budget that has put them in more severe conditions. By new position the regional exempt would receive 67 roubles a month. But the Kuban authorities have increased the sum to 273 roubles at the expense of realisation of several regional target programs.

on all Southern federal district which Krasnodar territory concerns also, medicines are delivered only by one company defined by the government of the Russian Federation, - Joint-Stock Company SIA - Interneshnl . Territory huge, and volumes of deliveries, naturally, too the impressing. It is clear that there are certain difficulties with deliveries of the medicines, the shipments connected mainly with delays and deliveries. On Kuban did not begin to force passion round these time problems of organizational character, and have tried to solve them faster. Simply authorities of Krasnodar territory, having talked over with company management - the distributor, has found the compromise variant, arranging both parties. In particular, with SIA - Interneshnl the arrangement that the company will deliver additional parties of medicines in edge is reached and will involve three more suppliers on conditions subpodrjada.