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Sergey Bodrov`s mother demands a half-million of dollars

Valentina Bodrov has refused all comments. Having readdressed us to the lawyer.

in court its interests, and also Elenas Zinichevoj - mothers of Timotheus of the Nouse, Igor Trunov will protect.

- in the statement of claim we demand, that for Sergey Bodrov have paid 500 thousand dollars. And for Timotheus of the Nouse of 400 thousand, - Trunov has told to us. - on process we will appeal Law article 18 About population protection in emergency situations .

According to this article the government is obliged to take admonitory measures against a finding of citizens in a dangerous zone. And Karmadon just also is such dangerous zone! And about it it is known to corresponding power structures. In 1969 the Republic North Ossetia government - Alanija has passed the law forbidding building in this zone of buildings and roads. There a pulsing glacier! Nevertheless in Karmadone there lived people, there were expensive. Accordingly, Bodrov`s film crew about danger also did not suspect. There were no instructions, announcements, writs (though it and is admonitory measures).

Sergey Bodrov`s Mother and Timotheus of the Nouse consider that the tragedy could be prevented.

respondents on this business - the government of Russia, Federal exchequer, the Republic North Ossetia government - Alanija and department of the finance of this republic. (The exchequer and department join in the list of respondents automatically as they dispose of money.)

- why in the claim indemnification Bodrovoj above, than indemnification of mother of Timotheus of the Nouse? - We have asked the lawyer.

- experts have calculated an equivalent of human life from the economic point of view, - Trunov has explained. - Bodrov was already taken place person and the known person.