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In the Quiet Don two heroes - Melehov and Tchernomyrdin

Victor Stepanovich has brought the huge contribution to development of Russian literature. It the author of hundreds pearls and aphorisms whom the people quote actively and with pleasure. But small forms eks - to the prime minister, obviously, all - taki have become boring. And then Tchernomyrdin has published the book.

not the, truth. Sholokhov. the Quiet Don . The edition is doomed to become cult - red cover with the gold stamping, expensive paper, the excellent press. On weight the volume pulls kg on three. And at such scope - exclusive circulation in 1000 copies.
in general, in libraries you will not find such miracle. We have found out this book in Yaroslavl, in the chairman of local branch of the Union of writers of Russia. And it, in turn, has brought it recently from Moscow - to a gift from publishing house Victor Tchernomyrdin`s Library .

the new page now is entered In this epic product (more precisely, their four). Be not afraid, Melehov - on - former the protagonist! Tchernomyrdin did not begin to edit a plot. All same persons: Grishka yes Aksinja. And events go on nakatannoj to a track.

but already on the cover page there are two great Cossacks. Sholokhov and Tchernomyrdin. In family trees of the most well-known Cossack sorts both are noted as the Russians who have glorified Fatherland . Moreover: these mighty branches were practically closed. But with great reserve: there was no one baby that two great sorts became one family.

live Sholokhov till this light day - you look, would present to the master of word CHVS the photo with a warm inscription... from the defeated teacher .

Belief MARTYNOVA (- Yaroslavl )


CHVS as Cossacks stronghold

the Orenburg Cossacks which were on guard of boundaries of Russia since Elizabeth, were lost as a layer in Soviet period. Now among orenburzhtsev began fashionable to search for the the Cossack roots . VIP do not stand aside also. Victor Stepanovich arriving one month ago in native village the Black Spur on hunting, has participated in a rural descent. There just decided to create the Cossack society. At once there were first 92 Cossacks and CHVS including.

Chernootrozhsky Cossack ataman Victor DUGAEV has informed:

- We wanted to make for a long time such important issue. Thought by Christmas to be in time. We have sent to Victor Stepanovichu the invitation concerning society creation. And so has coincided that it has arrived. But its ancestors for certain were the present Cossacks and ministered to the Native land correctly!

Sergey SHERMETSINSKY (- Orenburg )