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Children were sent on searches of the dismembered corpse

by Pupils of rural school in village Kosolapovo Respubliki Mary El became criminalists against the will. On infernal subbotnik them have deduced... Teachers.

the Office of Public Prosecutor by own strength could not cope with search killed in drunk fight and dug where - that in snow-covered wood of the person. (Vladimir Kazakova the fellow villager when has found it in bed with the wife killed.) The murderer admitted that it has split a corpse and has hidden in wood. And here where exactly - on drunk business has forgotten...

inspectors have shovelled more than twenty tons of snow, but a body and have not found. Were converted to settlement administration - and there, without thinking twice, have ordered to expel on searches of schoolboys. The most surprising that neither pupils, nor teachers have not thought at all to refuse. Well boys - it is clear. Instead of lessons - such adventure! But teachers?

- to such things as a corpse, it is necessary to concern philosophically, - Elvira Zykova has explained the decision the director of studies kosolapovskoj schools. - Hardly at searches they have felt psychological shock.

boys, probably, have indeed tested kriminalistichesky passion. To comb with shovels wood it it was necessary all the day. While eleventh-grader Sergey Kudryashov has not come across a bag with remains. He has paid attention that one snowdrift much above, than all the others, and undertook to dig.

- the Boy for a day has found the main proof of murder which we investigated more month. Well done Our person! We have conferred and dumped by Serezhe on the award - 200 roubles. From own pocket... - has told public prosecutor Alexey Viljukov.