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Grow thin for a summer with

Today, as well as promised in last release (see from July, 21st), members of our command share the impressions and secrets - how to dump excess weight without harm for health.

Alla Tsibulsky: 79 - 10 kg = 69

I tried different diets much, choosing myself approaching. Even a diet of the American astronauts on itself tried on (so-called bezuglevodnaja)! It was not pleasant. For example, meat, fish on it it is possible to eat almost without restrictions, and here vegetables and fruit to which now much, it was necessary to limit.

my weight to the middle of July was braked and did not decrease, therefore has now stopped on to Ginzburg`s diet on which it is necessary to reduce consumption of fats only. The diet has seemed to me interesting and, the main thing, effective.

Nikolay Shkljarik: 120 - 14 to g = 106

I Grow thin very much. Not so long ago has tried full clarification of intestines. Has done this procedure two times - I feel it is delightful! I move much and I go on foot. Has completely refused bread, to eat became much more modest. From here and such result - has dumped 15 kilogrammes from the action beginning! The wife not naraduetsja, has bought to me new clothes .

Marina Tolmachyov: 66 - 8 kg = 58

I am helped by July heat - is it would not be desirable at all! In my diet juice and fruit, various light salads and appetizers. All acquaintances and relatives notice that I have fine grown thin. Speak, look, do not overdo!

Marina Grushihina: 94 - 9 kg = 85

I have completely excluded coffee From the menu, I drink one only phytoteas. They are good as diuretics. Tried different diets, but... Result yet very much. Has now conceived a liking for a separate food, well and, of course, I eat fruit and vegetables. Still I want to return to tablets - szhigateljam fat which I drank one month ago and, probably, from - for it grew thin faster. July has spent without them, and weight reduction was braked. But volumes have left, there was more underlined a waist. The person has considerably grown thin.

even my chief asks recently: What occurs to you, in any way has grown thin? playing sports fine raises mood, I am very happy with myself and is happy. Even today has gone and has bought new trousers .

Marina Glazov: 102 - 7 kg = 95

I have noticed for a long time that those days to which you go to be engaged in sports hall, in - the first, not is neither vegetables, nor dairy food - and in a stomach easy, and state of health excellent better, and more kgs dump. In - the second, after three hours before training I on a broader scale anything in a mouth do not take. And in the evening after playing sports there comes certain weariness so is it would not be desirable at all - and it me on a hand. With quiet conscience you go to bed. You rise on scales in the morning and you notice that has a little lowered in weight. I drink many diuretic grassy teas. And the main thing - I at last have believed what to grow thin it is real, it is necessary to have a correct psychological spirit only.

the person should be reconstructed on other diet and style of life. For a long time, but without fanaticism .

Olga Grunicheva: 90 - 8 kg = 82

I Sit on bezuglevodnoj to a diet. My house as can me morally support. Mum here too has sat down with me on a diet .

Alena Fedoseyev: 82 - 9 kg = 73

really to dump weight, it is necessary to eat less, and first of all sweet and flour. It has helped me. Well and, of course, playing sports and massage improves a figure. I constantly should supervise myself in meal - from time to time there are small failures.

that who has really decided to grow thin, I can advise to find to myself the partner so is easier, and there are pluses - it is possible to exchange experience .

Julja Suhoverhova: 80 - 6 kg = 74

Once I have appeared before a choice: to follow the tastes own pleasures - to lie down on a sofa, is tasty to eat or improve the external appearance which then will qualitatively change my life. I have decided to reconsider the food - have passed on separate, have refused sugar and salt, butter and fried. For quite some time now I try belkovo - a vegetable diet, I eat only meat and vegetables in a boiled kind .

Dmitry Taraskin 130 - 3 kg = 127