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Doctor Peter Efimenko rescuing Karachentsova: Have seen the broken car. Naturally, have stopped...

on Wednesday, during funeral of the mother-in-law of Nikolay Karachentsova, we have got to talking with the brother-in-law of the actor Andrey Kuznetsovym who during that tragic moment was with the actor in one car. art - the director of a coffee house the Old city has told in details of a detail of that failure (the material " see; Allow to us to endure it... in yesterday`s number) also has suddenly exclaimed:

- Know, I so would like to find children of that First aid that have picked up us with Kolej after failure!

- and you, Andrey, have not remembered them at once?

- know, I have fainted at once. At first blow in front was, and then very strong - for my part. And everything, I have fainted. And has regained consciousness already in Fast .

- It is visible, you have quickly picked up?

- to us has simply carried. The car empty went by us, came back from a call. We with Nikolay were both without consciousness. The main thing - that Fast has not driven by. You know, how often happens in Russia?! Happen failure, anybody can and not stop. And here... People have stopped and began to help urgently to us. In a case with Nikolay as you understand, each minute was important. I very much would like to find this doctor and the driver Fast and to bow down to them!


- Our brigade has appeared at car Karachentsova on the third minute after failure, - the head physician of the Moscow station of the fast and urgent help Igor ELKIS has informed. - Doctor Efimenko simply drove by...

the Young doctor, the post-graduate student 2 - go Medical institute Peter Efimenko, has simply honesty and professionally fulfilled the duty.

- that night I worked one, without the medical assistant, - Peter whom journalists have found at the desire of Andrey Kuznetsova has told to us yesterday. - We came back after hospitalisation of the patient to substation. And on Michurinsk the prospectus have noticed the broken foreign car. Naturally, have stopped. I have learnt at once Nikolay Petrovicha. It lay clamped between forward seats, the head was on a back seat. Probably, it has thrown out from a driver`s armchair at blow. And on a forward passenger seat was Smiths. It was almost inadequate, all asked: What`s happened?

in spoilt with failure Volkswagen the driver`s door opened only. But time for a call and expectation of rescuers at Efimenko was not. With great difficulty the doctor and the driver Fast have pulled out Karachentsova from salon and have laid on a stretcher in the car. Kuznetsova have planted on a seat nearby. Have informed in the nearest 31 - ju hospital that carry heavy also have rushed off.

- on road I have measured pressure at Nikolay Petrovicha. It was in a clod, but is stable. I have put it a dropper with a physical solution and hormones - have tried to mobilise an organism before operation, - continues Efimenko.

After conversation with Peter it became definitively clear that hearings that Karachentsov was drunk, - lies! The physician has confirmed that in salon Volkswagen smelt as alcohol. But it is exact - not from the actor, and from Kuznetsova that it is not forbidden to the passenger.

- Efimenko - young, but very worthy doctor. In spite of the fact that it has worked for us all about one year, - the head physician of the Moscow station of first aid Igor Elkis responds about the young subordinate.

We will by all means pass Peter Efimenko Andrey Kuznetsovu`s phone number. Spouse Nikolay Karachentsova, by the way, already saw once the young doctor. Efimenko gave it things of the husband in an accident ward 31 - j city hospitals at that dramatic night.