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The new biography red

Is such ancient bajka, as literary delegation in a heat stagnation has gathered in Germany.

masters of a word long instructed in Communist Party committee, a district committee and the other organisations and intimidated so as if sent a helicopter landing in the African country exhausted with civil war. The word " was the main thing; provocation : she waited for the Soviet writers in any place, including a hotel bed (there could enclose specially trained bourgeois maiden of easy behaviour). Writers have gone, went only on three and were on the lookout. And here have invited them in a sauna. And a sauna - that, as usual in Europe, quite to itself the general. Writers in an empty locker room have undressed, were in single file pulled in a sweating room. The first has opened a door, has seen naked aunts and has cried heart-rendingly through a shoulder:

- Vasja, back - provocation!

to what I tell it? And to that, maybe, I as those workers of ideological front, has absolutely gone mad from propagation, but an exit with tsyganochkoj were the prime minister - minister Kasyanov sees to me the deepest provocation.

because after creation pocket nationalist pugalki the Native land (for noble ottenenija an United Russia ) There were all conversations on creation also pocket association of democrats. And on a broader scale - Kasyanov`s that name in these conversations sounded.

well can, I till this week in this canoe slightly believed, but then on the figurant with a set of courageous oppositional statements Michael Leontev has driven a butt. And it business by all well-known. If dear TV presenter bears someone on hummocks, this someone automatically starts to be pleasant to liberally adjusted part of a society.

and then I, a leah know, has understood: the biography do our red . (So has told Anna Ahmatova when have planted young poet Brodsky, and after all there were rights.)

What after all, in effect, palm off on us? The person with which name why - that associates a nickname of Two percent. What is this mysterious percent, at all I do not know. Probably, something very much - very sincere, lovely and characterising it as exemplary family man and the great hero.

However, why - that seems to me, allowing to lead the great hero in a string.

it and the former prime minister - the minister as Yushchenko, - that should be pleasant to fans of oranges, and simultaneously guarantee against spontaneous development orange revolutions.

it and the smooth official, who too in it hangs out for a long time not to know and to observe severe rules of hardware games.

here such at us, probably, will be opposition . From abrupt eggs a broth.