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Olga Krasko - Varenka from Turkish gambit : Egor Beroev - the excellent guy. But not in my taste

For any actress participation in such picture, as Turkish gambit - dream, instead of work. Besides that to the film which has been removed on Boris Akuninu, the success and attention, so on 20 executors of leading roles - only one woman are guaranteed! This enviable vacancy has got to actress Olga Krasko. In Turkish gambit she has played to the Barbarian - loved Fandorina.

the Doubtful compliment from Akunin

- I heard that Akunin at first not all that well liked your nominee for a role Cook. You knew about it?

- we Will tell so: I have felt it. And has learnt only a year later after shootings. When we have met, Akunin has paid me strange enough compliment: the pier, did not expect. But me it is, of course, pleasant that it has changed opinion.

- When you watched for the first time a film on the prime minister in Pushkin it was pleasant to you?

- the Film - yes. And I... There was at me a sensation that it not everything that I wanted to tell. After display me shook, literally to a hysterics. Why, till now I can not understand.

- that friends have told about your work?

- Oh, spoke - and good much, and... A miscellaneous. But all objective I about myself know.

by a balloon I squealed

- it was terrible to act in film in a scene by a balloon when you with Egor Beroevym are groundless?

- Yes, nerves tickled. Business was at night, the awful cold, the crane lifts us where - that highly... I so squealed and squalled that the part of these shouts should be cleaned from a film. Too irritating the sound has turned out.

- that is your heroine is more courageous than you?

- Still as! It it is simple very courageous girl.

how not to fall in love in Fandorina

- And a leah it was difficult to play here such love on semitones, how between Fandorinym and Varej?

- it is absolutely easy. We could is even stronger to be played but the author has not given possibility to us. Not so it is a lot of love at it in the book.

- actors say that, playing love, almost necessarily fall in love with the partner. But you, seemingly, managed to resist charm of Beroeva...

- Really it is a frequent case, but not at me with Egor. It the excellent guy, but... I such do not love.

- in the ending of a film Fandorin throws I Cook. For you it is a familiar situation?

- it was necessary to Leave. But I at all do not represent, as it is possible to endure such history as at Cook. How it there further with this Petja? They will leave or not? And if will not leave, so is even worse, because after that was with Fandorinym, Cooking to love Petja cannot any more... I think of these heroes, how about live people: how they there then? And can, Fandorin to Vare will return?

from French Gosha has sweated

- For shootings in Gambit it was necessary to something to study specially?

- Riding. Before I on a horse never sat down. There was one more moment. The scene in which Cooking talks to Ismail - beem on - French. For us with Gosha Kutsenko it was so responsibly! OK, I had all some phrases, and at Gosha - that - the whole monologue! As it, the poor creature, strained and vspoteval while spoke on - French! At it it is simple in eyes it has been written: Help! in summary it has turned out, as if he on - French all life spoke.

- that was remembered from not film-making?

- To Bulgaria me have lodged in hotel awfully expensive, and there wandered that is akie cockroaches! It was necessary to run away in another. It was still remembered that on one of parties of Marat Basharov has dropped the wife in pool together with phone just presented to it.

is it for what it so?

is it from love.

Olga Krasko was born on November, 30th, 1981 in Kharkov. In 2002 - m has left school - MKhAT studio (Oleg Tabakova`s course). Has started to work at theatre under the direction of Tabakova. Mejbl Chiltrok in " has played; the Ideal husband on Oscar Uajldu, Natasha in the play Bitter At the bottom ... Has acted in film in films Poirot`s Failure There is an idea the Father .