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What blood, such and love

Love in Russian is rhymed with blood, here there`s nothing to be done. It poets long since use, since great poets and finishing grafomanami, baking the next pop song - a something ephemeral. Even Dima Bilan sings about that so stirs blood our virtual love and this, certainly, bears that the subject is not has become outdated also communication krasnenkoj a liquid flowing in our veins, and certain feelings - with it is notable and nowadays.

And this communication, by the way, exists not only in poetic opuses. Our blood influences our feelings, on character and behaviour manners in any way it is less, than any far zodiac mia maids. Psychologists and gematologi even more often remember the theory according to which both the temperament, and sexuality of the person depend on its blood type. That serial number on a sleeve .

the First group - hunters - trailblazers

On the earth they have appeared the first. Extracted meat on hunting, fought to the last with predators, then with appetite absorbed extraction at a fire and, roughly having driven away pair - a three of rivals from a nice female, with passion indulged in reproduction process. Concepts to be the leader and to survive for them - synonyms. They are torn to the purpose, they are hardy, they are assured of themselves. And more they - well here you will do - are vainglorious enough and haughty. What there tolerance to criticism - yes they will gobble up you for one only a shade of doubt in their correctness.

and here - has come true! The hunter or the hunter have faced love. What further? Well certainly, fight.

with the first blood type refusal it is possible to inflame the MAN only. This male has got used to receive all at once, it of too good opinion on the worthiness. If the lady does not express readiness to fill up the list of its love victories, the man will not calm down, while will not tyre out game . Game in a cat - mice raises it more than shy yes . And it is completely not necessary to exclaim something in style I thy forever! . Thy forever for it, self-centered, something self-evident, and presence of a family nest seldom prevents to leave to it on hunting for other birdies, mice, cats and zajkami.

It is said that thoughts on sex come to mind to these hunters six times a minute. I have However, told here about it to one owner of blood of the given group. well is not present, - speaks, - I yesterday hour looked biathlon and on sex have never reflected . On the other hand, biathlon is too hunting. And the hobby for shooting on round targets for grandfather Freud would be an ideal example of sublimation.

the WOMAN with the first blood type is jealous, sensual, passionate, loves experiments in bed. It fine supervises herself with strangers but as soon as will choose to itself the extraction, extraction will be hardly legal to twitch sharply on the party in steel kogotkah. At the same time too soft animals seem it boring. The lady hunts only on - large on such predator who can tyre it out. By the way, among business - ladies, cool and fearless, prevail women with the first blood type.

the second group - farmers - sloggers

Where - that 15 thousand years ago those hunters whom did not carry at getting of quickly running albuminous food, have learnt to eat plants. So there was the second blood type, flowing in veins of people patient, quiet, not asking for trouble. It they know that like to go for a drive - like and sanochki to carry, it is possible what to compress only posejannoe and that it is necessary to prepare a cart in the winter. They are sociable, friendly, distsiplinirovanny. Fine feel in collective and are ideal as subordinates. And here in a situation where they remain tet - and - tet with the big love the shyness comes.

in them each feeling - that adoration that hatred long ripens. Their calm before a storm lasts so many that the subsequent flash of emotions seems absolutely unmotivated. It they are capable of rebellion, senseless and ruthless.

the MAN with the second blood type will drive indefinitely the darling at cinema and to redden a suffocating wave, slightly having adjoined sleeves . It begins to carry out diligently all whims favourite, to make lists of its preferences, to palm off on it secretly candies and tangerines. Here courting will be made under the most stereotypic schemes that is quite clear - the farmer fine knows when to weed, and when to pour fertilizers.

such admirers very much countenance grandmothers of young maidens. The last consider vtorogruppnikov the dullish. Their firm reliability involves more often women is more senior, wisely choosing not passion, and comfort and confidence of tomorrow.

LADIES - vtorogruppnitsy are timid and always behave decently . They will brightly not be painted, carry mini - a skirt. To make a declaration of love? About is not present! To the first to approach and simply to greet? But suddenly HE will think... For such women sex is firmly connected with love and serious relations also it is conceived more often with obedient feeling well, time it is necessary - so it is necessary . Short-term petty intrigues not for them, and here wives from them turn out betrayed to a coffin and trouble-free.

the Third group - nomads - party-goers

This group has arisen, when people have tamed animals, have started to drive korovok on pastures, and were then started up and in more long trips. Drink of milk and eating of fish have made the white business, and on light there were new people. They fine did without collective, remarkably adapted to change of places and differed an ingenuity at osvaivanii any unexplored territory. Flexible, artful, counterbalanced, they easily adopted another`s experience and have not been held down by traditions of any one social group. Tretegruppniki easy transfer loneliness and without problems are for a short while entered in an unfamiliar society. They do not aspire to stifle and dominate, as carriers of the first blood type, to it in a breakage to submit and indulge in vain hopes, as vtorogruppnikam. But they fine are able to benefit by the most different situations, saving the independence. The statistics can become the proof here: almost 40 % of the American millionaires are owners of the third blood type.

the MAN - the nomad is always ready to leave on - anglijski. It wins nobody, it simply likes to be pleasant, appoint appointments, easy to stir. He is able to take pleasure and to hang out . Sex for it - a kind of pleasant leisure, noncommittal. It too transfers refusal easily: is not present so is not present, we will chat about weather.

the WOMAN - tretegruppnitsu at us roughly name dinamistkoj . Flirtation for the sake of flirtation is its main entertainment. And if it has clapped eyelashes, and has then given you phone number, it absolutely about what does not speak. However, even if she has spent with you night is too about what does not speak. It on a broader scale can be all life the faithful wife and thus so actively to be on friendly terms with ten individuals of a male that neigbours will be tired to scratch in its occasion language.

the fourth group - mysterious and inconsistent

the Fourth group - the youngest. To it of all whether one and a half, whether two thousand years, also there was it any more from - that people experimented different kinds of a food. Its origin connect that the people bred and bred, stirred in a uniform copper the raznogruppnuju blood, and - ap! - in the nature there was a new type of the person.

for That to wait from celebrities?

This person - the person inconsistent, in which all kinds of people. From here - sincere dissonances, constant doubts, indecision. To associates chetverogruppnik it is indulgent, and if not peret on it the tank it cannot be called on fight. It possesses rare ability to understand and get into another`s skin, to listen, give advice and to find the compromise. It often love, but seldom know well. It is too much masks at it near at hand.

it does not enter disputes: owing to own discrepancy he knows that some points of view on the same subject can quite co-exist. CHetverogruppnik absorbs, as a sponge, knowledge; he reads much, and its head is always full of the various theories, abstract and witty. Its problem - pressing forward objat immense and to catch an ideal. Therefore it is lazy enough in trifles and will not go all out to receive spare cash or to rise on a career ladder. And - strangely enough - associates are ready to drag to it all on a saucer with blue kaemochkoj.

the MAN with blood of the fourth group possesses talent to fascinate before consciousness loss, without applying efforts. Its games are more thin, than rectilinear has come, has seen, has defeated . To a web of its magnetism get imperceptibly and sometimes contrary to its will. But as soon as chetverogruppnik itself falls in love, to it it is sweet it is not necessary. Passions boil, the logic is rejected. Here there can be no compromises any more, any strong feeling for such people is means to get rid of contradictions and to become integral, to find the present nature.

as the woman arrives also. It rushes to love with scope and is possessed idea to award with happiness. Unlike cases with vtorogruppnitsami here the favourite faces not humility of the spouse which all does as it is necessary . the WOMAN with such blood type gives itself as the costly present and receives from it pleasure. It is said that with it each man can feel sex - the giant - such sincere pleasure is tested by her from any intimate affinity with the elect.

but this completeness of relations maintain the few. Women with the fourth blood type appear often in a strange situation for the observer: the heap to the people goes mad of love to the Perfect Lady, and she sobs from - that has left it any unsightly, but unique .