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For Seigniorial women chased by the bus

Game Who wants to become the millionaire? has invited in studio of those who excited ladies` minds, - musketeers . On a visit to Maxim Galkin will come D`Artanjan and Porthos - Michael Seigniorial and Valentine Smirnitsky.

- And truth, what behind a film film crew there went the bus with beautiful girls? - Has asked at Seigniorial Galkin.

- However, and ourselves were initiators. Spoke: or for us there will go the bus with girls, or we do not go!

is you excited?

- Well certainly! They waited for us about hostel, and we carried them on shooting.

- and further?

- When they left, the director understood that our women it is better than what have come to mass meeting, and they took part in a film.

- and further?

- They again changed clothes, and we carried them in hostel.

- And all?

- For this transfer - all! - has finished Seigniorial.

but, pootvechav it is a little on questions, the actor has again hit in memoirs. Already about Konstantsii - Irina Alferovoj. Her from shootings saw off with militia.

- when it went in the night from a platform, one person has rushed to it. Security guards shout to it: Stop! and he has kissed her and has told: Well, now it is possible and in prison!

Porthos - Valentine Smirnitsky became the following player - the story-teller:

- I remember all remarkable partners, wives and girlfriends, therefore to 8 Martha I concern tremblingly... By the way, in a film about musketeers there was an excellent phrase which showed the attitude of my hero to women. I speak Seigniorial: Know, D`Artanjan, the more I learn women, the more strongly I become attached to horses .

- the Good phrase for 8 Martha! - Maxim Galkin has noticed. - With a feast you, a horse!