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Farewell, road CIS?

in Sunday in Moldova will pass parliamentary elections. The definitive exit of republic from the Russian zone of influence becomes their result, according to the majority of experts. After victory orange revolutions in Ukraine repetition of the same scenario in Moldova was considered as the inevitable. However the president of republic communist Vladimir Voronin, which else recently in the West named the Moldavian Brezhnev at the last minute has made a syllogism, than has added situations a savour. Having realised that loses the power, he has decided not to follow obeyingly to an example of Shevardnadze and Kuchma, and to saddle orange a wave. Experiment has come to an end scandalous dispatches of the Russian citizens from republic and a meeting of Voronina with Yushchenko and Saakashvili.

however it is tactics. It is strategically obvious that Russia began to lose sharply control over the post-Soviet territory. Not from the point of view of economy. Here mode change in the same Moldova will change nothing. The industry there almost completely skuplena the Russian capitalists to sell the basic production - fruit and wine - this poorest in Europe the country can again - taki only to Russia. About the same and with other former republics USSR.

and here from the political point of view the concept of the CIS, most likely, becomes in the near future property of history.

and matter is not that our neighbours suddenly have unexpectedly blazed with hatred to Russian people. By the way, both in Ukraine, and in Georgia the opposition almost did not play the Antirussian map. Simply on the post-Soviet territory there is a so-called westernisation - turn on the West. Because other choice at our former allies in general - that also is not present. Not to go in friends to Muslim theocratic modes or to China.

it is paradoxical, but this process of the beginning Russia in 1991. Spent political and economic reforms for some years have made our country the leader on whom equaled and which followed an example. But as soon as from the middle 90 - h reforms were slowed down, neighbours were engaged in search of other reference points. Nature abhors a vacuum.

disintegration of the CIS as political system will not mean at all that Russia will appear in a ring of enemies. Us too many connects. But loss of political leadership will be inevitably fraught for us with many losses.

to restore leadership it is possible only one way - to spend such political and economic reforms which will make Russia attractive. Avant-guard on a way to satiety and democracy. All other tools like rise in prices for gas and the announcement of trading blockade, strangely enough, only embitter more often the former friends.