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Blohinu have shown an orange card

In the Ukrainian football continues to rage orange revolution. At first under penalty kick the club " has got; the Dynamo (Kiev). The legendary master of a leather ball Oleg Blohin who heads today a national team of Ukraine on football became the following victim, seemingly, and is the deputy of the Supreme Rada.

come to power orange have beheld in this combination a crime and have demanded to refuse the deputy mandate. Blohin has flared up and has declared that will refuse to train a national team in protest more likely. And it is necessary to tell that at Blohine the national team practically realised great Ukrainian dream - to get on the World championship - 2006. Probably that one of episodes of victorious procession of the command of Blohina to CHM - 2006 also have remembered to Oleg orange . The great football player did not know a major principle of the unsinkable politician: To be always for those who conquers! In the heat of opposition Yanukovych - Yushchenko the team of Blohina has sensationally beaten a Turkish national team, and the trainer has publicly declared that devotes victory to Yanukovych. It is said that this demarche has been made at the desire of Grigory Surkis, the president of Federation of football of Ukraine, one of leaders of Sotsial - democratic party of Ukraine (it supported Yanukovych) and the brother of president FK the Dynamo (Kiev) Igor Surkis.

but orange have chosen not the right moment for arrival on politically illiterate the favourite of Ukraine. In - the first, claims to Blohinu concerning combination cannot be, as the trainer`s post can be regarded as teaching activity. Plus Blohin in a national team works on public principles, money does not receive. At last, if after leaving of Blohina the national team flies by by CHM - 2006, this Yushchenko`s fans can and not forgive.