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Cones has granted to itself pension in 1. 000. 000 roubles a year

to Leave adequately - modest desire any boss. On January, 27th the president of the Russian football union Vyacheslav Koloskov has declared resignation - definitively and irrevocably (according to the advice of the Kremlin officials). Then executive committee RFS the decision on carrying out extraordinary otchetno - elective conference of the All-Russia public organisation was accepted.

but not this main thing. A month before elections to the beginning of March the executive committee of the union makes the unprecedented decision. Namely: to place for consideration conference a question on fast establishment the honourable president . For whom steljut straws - it is clear. That Vyacheslav Ivanovich has softly changed from one armchair another.

but there is more to come. There is a project moving in honourable presidents which will affirm too at conference.

From this project follows that to the honourable president rely the lifelong grant at a rate of 80 thousand roubles a month (almost 3 thousand dollars), the representation car with the personal driver (including expenses on repair and servicing), mobile communication (without restrictions), a private office in a staff - apartment RFS. the Honourable president it can be put forward in structure of directing bodies of UEFA and FIFA. And also it is awarded by the reading and writing, a sign and the certificate the Honourable president .

the Gossip round it for the present the project will be much. One will say that has merited, - 25 years at a wheel, same what nerves are necessary. Others will gloat and will be indignant: even pensioners more abruptly and that live more modestly.

nevertheless the fact remains.

by the way, Juan Antonio Samaranch heading the International Olympic committee more of twenty years, today too is The honourable president this organisation. With all that it implies...

that the former presidents - pensioners

the Politician (in a month)
Boris Yeltsin 110 000 roubles ($3500) three cars, the plane, protection, a summer residence
Leonid Kuchma 2500 grivnas ($500) the car, protection
Michael Gorbachev 10 000 roubles ($330) the car, protection, a summer residence
Edward Shevardnadze 0 the car, protection, a summer residence

Who will come Pension of the Privilege in the stead?

we Will remind that candidates on fast of president RFS eventually it has appeared four. Senator Vitaly Mutko, the former goalkeeper Anzor Kavazashvili, the party functionary United Russia Michael Zhukov. The last (it is literally for an hour before the check in termination) on a train footboard associate Koloskova general director RFS Alexander Tukmanov has jumped. And if before Mutko, " was considered today as the main favourite; to wash its election, seemingly, rather early.

we Will wait till April, second.