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And cats are able to love

March foulness cancelled nobody! I hear every day, how my cat of Vitjusha signals that the spring has come. Such males, as it, the majority. But biologists assure that there are cats and dogs who are capable on - to become attached to the present to the partner having a tail. There will be thus a sex or not, for them it is not too important.

the Love at dogs happens romantic... This picture was sent by our reader from Saratov Galina Kuropatkina.
the Big dog friendship

Skoch - the terrier of Zifa and a dog of the Central Asian sheep-dog Read have got acquainted, when were puppies. Black Zifa has seen a white fluffy being and has thawed. The dog has begun to mince round Read, rising on hinder legs and tychas a nose to it in wool. The dog only twisted a head every which way, without thinking how to react to this dance. In couple of days puppies already with might and main played.

already being an adult dog, Zifa, despite the desires inherent in its age, rejected grooms. Possibly, small black blots in what could not be compared to its big white friend.

the expert biofaka the Moscow State University Vladimir LOBACHYOV:

- Affection between dogs - the phenomenon rare, but not fantastic. Feelings of animals to each other appear irrespective of breed, the sizes. Biologists have a term zapechatlenie - imprinting . Having seen someone in the childhood (from 2 till 5 months), the beast can remember this image on all life. Read was stamped on the memory at Zify, and she conceives it as a close being. Plays a role and joint education. Animals get used to each other, sometimes even a cat and a dog. You for certain heard stories when the dog with tenderness cared of the cat, but drove all the others.

- Speak, speak... Do not stop!
in Bottoms I am not interested

Kesha - a unique parrot in a family of Muscovites of Maljutinyh. Most of all Kesha loves owner Igor. This feeling has occupied all popugajskoe a heart, in it does not remain places for pretty birdies. At the best he simply does not pay attention to brides, in the worst - drives them from a cage.

the Research assistant of the Moscow zoo Elena neprintseva:

is a so-called syndrome of Maugli. To any animal it is necessary to get acquainted during the certain moments of the childhood with relatives. If it has not occurred, the parrot will not know, how to it to communicate with birds. He grows, it has a requirement for love. Kesha splashes out it on associates, for example, on the owner. It is abnormal. popugajchiki - birds sociable, therefore it is necessary to hold them in steam.

... Or passionate. - Gav! Gav! Hectare - and - an ab! - Jes, jes, a buzzing!
the Good groom at once you will not meet

the Vein - there was kokkersha, zlobnenkaja a doggie who anybody did not want to match. But the mistress too did not surrender. It took pig-headed pitomitsu and has met in city centre the mistress of a dog to agree about the future dog appointment. Were not in time ladies and word to tell how animals had a love scene. Here it - love at first sight!

the research assistant of the Moscow zoo Elena neprintseva:

- When owners are surprised, say, at a dog instincts, and she to herself of the sexual partner chooses it sounds a little absurdly. Yes, dogs choose. They are capable to difficult forms of behaviour. By the way, people from animals also have inherited it, only have developed and have complicated.

only remember that the sexual behaviour is put by the nature. techki the dog can go to the moment with a dog even if it not so is pleasant to it. And during other time it would not began to communicate with it. Scientists of one English institute of a distance sukam possibility to choose to itself of the gentleman. The part of dogs has appeared legible, they liked a maximum two dogs, and some was all the same with whom to be loved.


Murka, you to me change?

Fidelity is from morals area. It is peculiar only to the person. And animals happen monogamous, that is create strong pair and all life spend together. But it occurs neosmyslenno. A monogamy - only wedded the strategy which has been thought up by the nature to give birth and nurture offspring. However and beasts have a long affection. Your cat will be correct neighbour`s Murke or not, depends on its genes, hormones and life experience.


How to distinguish feeling :
animals together spend time,
run into apathy and refuse meal if one of them leaves,
cannot constrain emotion at the sight of a favourite tail. At dogs the mimicry reminds a human smile, they jump round a beast, rasslablenno wag a tail, and cats rub the friend about the friend a forehead, sides of a neck and mouth corners.