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Round the world for 67 hours and 2 minutes

First half of life Steve Fossett to whom last year 60 years were executed, has spent at the Chicago Stock Exchange. And having scared together a fortune, was accepted to amuse soul . In 2002 it has got to the Guinness Book of Records, having flown round the Earth by a balloon for 14 days. And then has declared that its following dream - to make round-the-world nonstop voyage by the single plane.

at first it planned to buy and convert written off jet passenger the Concorde in England. However the transaction has not taken place. Therefore it was necessary to design and build the.

on Monday, on February, 28th, by plane GlobalFlayer the former broker started from private airdrome in the State of Kansas. It has spent in the sky almost three days. Ate only shokoladno - the albuminous vitaminized cocktail, planting a dry mix with milk. Used a compact dry closet in size with a desk box.

has not done without problems. The navigation system at first has refused, and the autopilot could not include Fossett - it was necessary to request the co-ordinates from the Earth. And over Pacific ocean it seemed that the plane will not have not enough fuel. On last drops of combustible Fossett has held on to the same airdrome, whence has begun travel.

the plane most part (and 83 % of weight) occupy fuel tanks - two big gondolas on either side of from cabins and a part pilotskogo a fuselage. Places for passengers are not provided. And the cabin of the pilot is arranged so that the pilot can operate car lying. And from time to time to sleep. But last 24 hours, Fossett has told, he did not sleep at all. Also did not go at all to a toilet.

Samolet Fossetta GlobalFlauer in flight.

Length - 11,7 metres
Height - 3,6 metres
Wingspan - 35 metres
Weight of the empty plane - 1,6 tons
Weight with fuel - 10 tons
Max. Speed - 440 km/ ch