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In Ukraine shooting of witnesses

on Wednesday the public prosecutor of Ukraine has begun Svjatoslav Piskun declared: for 10 mornings on Friday it calls on interrogation of the main figurant of scandalous business About murder of journalist Gongadze eks - the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Kravchenko. But interrogation has not taken place. The minister have found dead in its country house near Kiev in elite settlement Koncha - Zaspa.

It was shot itself or suicide dramatized? While on this question at a consequence of the answer is not present.

the Head of the commission of the Supreme Rada of business Gongadze Grigory Omelchenko has only confirmed: Kravchenko was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, it should be detained for a long time, that live to finish to court!

and sources from Security service of Ukraine have informed: For eks - the minister had shadowed since November, 13th, 2004 that is when in Kiev still was last the power! Kravchenko could not leave limits of Ukraine in any way, on border its surname has got to the list not eligible to travel abroad . But also such measures have not helped...

the group of deputies has already demanded immediate resignation of the public prosecutor from Yushchenko. In their opinion, the nonprofessional or deliberate statement it has disorganised business and now to learn truth about customers of a crime more difficult.

and to Yushchenko claims from a mouth of its supporters sound: what for has hurried and has sounded what was secrecy of the investigation? There were even suspicions that the working president deduces from - under blow Kuchma, carrying out confidential arrangements with it.

Kuchma till now on rest in Czechia, on a resort Karlovy Vary where lives on a country house belonging to the president of Kazakhstan to Nazarbayev. It is more about it it is not known anything, besides, that should return to Kiev on March, 7th. On a question: a leah inspectors are sent to Czechia to interrogate Kuchma? - The public prosecutor has responded evasively:

- We will spend all actions necessary under the law.

hand over nerves and at the speaker of parliament Litvina, the figurant of the well-known film on which its voices are recorded, Kuchmas and Kravchenko discussing how to force to become silent Gongadze. Litvin has declared:

- Soon I will make a recognition on the verge of frankness. If I felt behind myself fault, I in Ukraine any more would not be!

the fourth person devoted in secrets of murder by Gongadze if to believe films, eks - the head of Security service of Ukraine Derkach, is in Kiev. Derkachu additional protection is allocated.

Olga MUSAFIROVA (Ours sob. A correspondent) Kiev.

Eks - minister Kravchenko could tell much...

It the sniper

could kill Last night the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Peter Koljada has declared that on Kravchenko`s body it is revealed two traces from bullets. it that to me the person on duty has told, - was two shots - has told the Christmas carol. Thus, the version of suicide of Kravchenko is called into question. Probably, eks - the minister was killed by the sniper.

Also it is informed that Kravchenko has left a note in which asks for forgiveness about the relatives and ostensibly accuses of the organisation of murder of journalist Gongadze of the former president of Ukraine Kuchma.



to Take out it to the Chechen Republic and to leave without trousers!

From conversations in Leonid Kuchma`s office, written down by the major of State protection Nikolay Melnichenko:

Kuchma tells Litvinu:

- we Will (solve), shcho z by it robiti to (do). ³ (it) it is simple oborzel. Well tse everything is simple..., . The geek.... , , Gongadze. Well who it ? Simply..., is any, a bough.... jogo..., in Gruz_ju there on h.... i it is necessary, that have stolen it .

Kuchma tells Kravchenko:

- Shchob I not zabuv, e taky Gongadze. Well the geek..., the higher measure.

Kravchenko: - ³ prohodiv des (it passed where - that). poshukaemo we (will look).

Kuchma: - Well hto jogo ? Volodja (it is probable, Litvin) kazhe (speaks), an occasional office it (is necessary), shchob jogo have stolen i to the Chechen Republic on h... vikup have asked.

Kravchenko: - That mi jogo des... I to you will tell... That tse people (laughs) ...

Kuchma: - Well, and jogo in Gruz_ju thaw all (and all).

Kravchenko: - Mi pratsjuemo on nomu (we work on it).

Kuchma: - I thurify, i jogo, throw out. Give to Chechens, and (then) vikup.

Kravchenko: - Mi produmaemo. Mi we will make so, shchob...

Kuchma: - to Mean, i jogo, rozdjagnut to (undress)..., without to leave, find fault sidit. I zrobiv am simple... (I would make simply).

Kravchenko: - In mene infections (at me now) the command fighting, orli , shcho do everything, shcho you want. Means, here such ... There mi trohi were (a little bit pierced... Means, has written the complaint to the general public prosecutor... Gongadze. Well, here he specifies numbers, one year ago. I troshki here change... I will make it. I will make, Leon_d Dan_lov_ch... I do not let out Gongadze... There has thrown external supervision. I want it kontakti podizuchit.

Kuchma: - Well chogo kazhda sran should write on the general public prosecutor?

Kuchma tells to unknown interlocutors:

- Sluhaj, shchas have shown gazeti..., everything..., vipuskajut. Well, shcho ti the item.? Ti Julju (it is probable, Timoshenko). E. Thy mother, you Julju : expensive that ti, a knot..., you do? You want, shchob we you..., Absolutely..., a leah that? also tell: That you . . That do you do - that?