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On August, 1st will take down the first cottage on Istra

Yesterday in village Gluhovo of Krasnogorsky area situated near Moscow there have arrived inspectors of the Ministry of the nature. Located on picturesque coast of Istra of a cottage (to the large businessman - to the industrialist from a Krasnogorsk) the state inspector Vladimir Kuznetsov has handed over to the owner the court order and the certificate on property arrest. Now in five-day term the three-storyed house constructed in a nature protection zone and fenced with an impressive fence, should be taken down, and at the expense of the owner. To appeal against against this claim it will not be possible, it has already passed all possible instances.

to the owner of a private residence at inspectors of the ministry the set of claims has collected. In - the first, building has not been co-ordinated with nature protection services and the fact of purchase of a site is recognised by illegal. In - the second, construction and a site with a fence have blocked the approach to water, having broken thereby the rights of other inhabitants. But the most important thing, the river Istra proceeds in so-called to the Second water security zone from which there is a water fence for Moscow. The first judicial claim has appeared the beginning wars with palaces about which so long told the authorities and mass-media.

tells Renat Gizatulin, the chief of the department on public relations of the Ministry of the nature.

- Certainly, people at whom are going to take down houses, desperately resist. They have a possibility to involve competent lawyers and lawyers. We have begun with village Gluhovo because it is the most obvious and indisputable case. Now we have 20 claims in courts of the second instance (in regional courts. - a bus comment). And on half of these affairs by courts of the first instance (the regional. - a bus comment) The decision on a pulling down of illegally constructed houses is accepted. Besides, our checks in Moscow suburbs have revealed 1800 more illegally constructed objects. The whole cottage settlements have appeared in reserves!

- these litigations what is the time lasted?

- the ten minutes is Literally! Too here legality infringements are obvious. The house, it you will not hide.

Areas of the most intensive illegal building in Moscow suburbs.


As grasp the earth?

In a water security zone any capital construction at the rivers and lakes is forbidden - 50 metres are closer, at coast of water basins - 300 metres are closer. Therefore the ground is leased under any plausible excuse. For example, under kitchen gardens. Under the law such site should not have a capital fencing, and to construct on it it is possible only a summer garden small house without the base or a shed for agricultural stock storage. As a rule, the self-aggressor on such site erects at once a fence from concrete plates and a stone private residence with underground garage. As practice shows, on such system it is possible to grasp the earths even in the centre of Moscow - in Silver to a pine forest and Krylatsky. There would be a desire and impudence.