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Minibuses in Tushine declared strike

- Director Savchenko to us has told that more money it is necessary to it. And who does not agree with the new plan - leave! - clench fists drivers of minibuses of a taxi pool along the street Vasily Petushkova.

They declared strike. On Thursday in Open Company avtoroud have refused to leave on a line 40 Gazelles serving 17 - j a route - from the underground Tushinsky to Mitin and Tushina. All severo - the capital West has turned to using foul language foot ant hill.

- for a month four times lifted the plan! Since the morning have left with one plan, during the lunchtime have informed the new... What we to wives of the house will tell?! - Are boiled vodily.

As we managed to find out, norm of a daily gain which is obliged to hand over in avtoroud everyone drove the most delicious, mitinskogo, 17 - go a route, for some weeks has grown with 3800 to 4500 roubles. Have lifted also the salary - on three thousand. I will not strain you calculations of expenses on gasoline, servicing and etc., but, by words marshrutchikov, to it distances two thousand, and have selected - six .

And yesterday on a line have not left forty more person from the same routes, but other change. On Thursday said that drivers of the minibuses serving " here will join strike here - also; the Sheremetyevo . Have not joined.

- and it is correct muzhiks - that strike? - I ask at remained for a steering-wheel .

- We too wanted... Only we will gather, as the heads dismiss the most active. The others are afraid, - hide eyes drivers. - unless it is possible in such mode for such money to work? All juice squeezes out. Because minibuses also fight!

the security service undertook strikers avtoroud . Them on one called in management. And thoughtfully talked.

- did not threaten. Searched, who has advised. Think, competitors have paid the action.

by a dinner in avtoroud all management " has come in large numbers; the Autoline . Resolved.

is a local conflict. At all the conflict, and labour dispute. He also will dare by negotiations, - explained a press - company service.

but strikers go obstinate:

- Forces already are not present to drive hundreds kilometres a day and to stop at each column. When you all are squeezed out, the every prospect to have an accident!

and how passengers? And passengers do not suffer affliction any more. an autoline has removed from other routes of a city on one - two cars. And has covered Tushinsky .

According to drivers avtoroud the working day at them with 6. 00 to 23. 00 - 0. 00. In travelling sheets - that that`s OK, even the four-hour sediment is marked. But if to stand, the plan you will not execute.
the Schedule - two in two days. Daily run - more than 300 km/ ch. Norm of gasoline per day - 55 litres. The average monthly income - 10 - 12 thousand roubles.