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Repairmen have heated up Shainsky on $13. 000

last year Vladimir Shainsky has decided to move. To a family it became close in four-room stalinke at Kursk station.

with young wife Svetlana they have bought five-room apartment on the Leningrad highway. Repair was necessary. Have come across the announcement $70 for square metre, low cost of re-planning .

- the Manager has told that in firm there is also a manufacture of building materials so they will manage more cheaply, - the wife of the composer speaks.

Shainsky money to construction superintendents paid, in exchange received the credit order. On it there were press of absolutely other firm: businessmen have explained it division of spheres of business .

a month later have gone to examine the first results of repair. The apartment looked, as after flooding. And workers strictly looked Svetlana in the face and demanded money for work.

- But after all I already have paid all to construction superintendents, 18 thousand dollars! - the mistress was surprised.

It has appeared that managers have typed guest workers, underpaid to them. Building materials bought the poor-quality. Even they did checks false and showed the overestimated sums!

- five thousand to us have returned. For the others we do not hope, - Svetlana sighs. - phone of builders does not respond. To our lawyer have told that can bring an action. But after all in documents any not clear firms appear.

now Shainsky have employed other brigade under the recommendation of acquaintances. It results bent apartment in feelings .

As not to be pierced at repair

the Chairman of the Moscow society of protection of consumers Hope GOLOVKOVA advises:

Watch, that in documents which give out to you confirming to payment of repair work, there were firm requisites from which conclude the contract. If the pay-sheet stands out from a name partners in business subcontractors and etc., demand, that the link to them has been included in the basic contract or that the contractor has shown you the cooperation agreement with these firms.

if workers demand from you repeated payment, call the construction superintendent: you to it paid, let itself understands with the personnel . In case of threats ( do not pay - we will break that have constructed ) involve militia.

demanding the report on cost of building materials, insist on a presentation of cash vouchers - them to forge much more difficult, than commodity. Under the law at sale of building materials cash vouchers stand out necessarily.