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Mutko has come. Jartsev leaves...

Cones hardly has not begun to cry

Almost a perpetuum mobile our football Vyacheslav Koloskov, seemingly, at last has stopped. Though at it how to look.

when members of extraordinary conference have voted for its resignation, they in a uniform impulse have risen and have started to applaud. Cones then will tell: Tears were screwed on eyes. If people so give thanks for teamwork, it is the highest estimation .

Vyacheslav Ivanovich could burst into tears this day and more time. Delegates have unanimously made the decision on purpose by its honourable president RFS and have supported the impulse material a makeweight from which at some former presidents as Russia, and the CIS countries could begin to flow slobbers. Monthly Cones will receive 80 000 thousand roubles (for comparison: Yeltsin has in a month hardly more than 100 000, Kuchma - in recalculation on roubles - nearby 15 000, Shevardnadze - anything). Besides, at the honourable president will be the office at office RFS, the car with the personal driver and unlimited mobile communication.

Deeply moved Cones in a lobby declared that goes on leave and departs to the USA on a christening part of recently born grand daughter.

though it is necessary to give due to wisdom of the governor Soviet - the Russian football over which it supervised almost quarter of the century. Its political testament was short and, it seemed to some, with small implied sense. Here an ending of its farewell speech: We have made everything that could. Let others will make more .

the Kremlin guy

For two - three days to elections though any intrigue existed. The promoted worker from power structures senator Vitaly Mutko and general director RFS Alexander Tukmanov were (well were considered) as leaders in race for a presidential armchair. But on the eve of elections Tukmanov has removed the nominee. And it became clear to all that the finish is predicted.

why the such happens?

the Version the first: upon Tukmanova put pressure certain power structures. The version the second: rivals have agreed, Mutko has promised Tukmanovu a place in the sun in new structure RFS. The version the third: - a sweet pie, and it it is necessary to divide the football union on - bratski. Well, for example, it is known that one of oligarchs, namely Alexey Fedorychev, is ready to head process of sale of the rights of teletranslations of football matches, and before such prerogative company Tukmanova used. Also what to argue? It is necessary to connect efforts. Work and money will suffice on all.

In a word, Tukmanov has cleared away road Mutko to a throne...

elections have turned to simple formality. Vitaly Mutko has received 96 voices from 99.

One of delegates after voting chertyhnulsja: And on a horse-radish I went to such distance. Have told above - Mutko on a throne. And that a kitchen garden to fence .

And lots of plans...

That first of all interests our fan (and even in any measure all country)? Correctly, a national team. The result now, instead of in far, let and foreseeable, future is necessary to the fan. A bargaining chip of an electoral programme of Mutko - attraction of public funds for football development. He is assured that will beat out certain means from the budget. He is assured that will punch at federal level the program we Will construct to children stadiums ...

And here - about a national team and its trainer - we have received the answer to a main point enough - taki flowed round (though it is possible to make any conclusions).

Mutko on a question on George Jartseva`s resignation has given about such answer: In a national team the class trainer should work. Such in Russia is. The decision will be accepted in the near future .

- And now you already look narrowly at somebody? For example, to Yury Semin?

- variants Are possible.

and who, in your opinion, should head a national team? And why? Call by phone 257 - 51 - 49 today, on April, 5th, with 11 to 12 o`clock in the afternoon.