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Head of the Office of the President Dmitry Medvedev: not to justify and not to wag

Since the birth of this post - the head of Presidential Administration of Russia - the person, its replacing, always was in a shade of a cartridge. This one of the most influential figures in the country usually did without large-scale political statements.

the present head of presidential administration Dmitry Medvedev has decided to break tradition, seemingly. Its interview published yesterday in magazine the Expert is an analysis of a situation in economy and, as a matter of fact, the political declaration.

the version that interview - reflexion of interclan struggle for influence in the Kremlin about which recently speak much, Medvedev and denies. And, the head of administration could not make certainly, such act without the sanction of the president. The impression is made that Putin has decided to kill two hares. On the one hand, to make a strong countercourse in propaganda against it propaganda and psychological game. With another - obkatat theses of the message to Federal Meeting which, predictably, will be announced already in the end of April.

that Medvedev of an island has told.

... January protest actions

Performance in the street - normal reaction of the confused people. If want, direct and not always the pleasant proof of existence of a civil society...

... To struggle in the Kremlin

Struggle of groupings in administration - one of ordinary political stamps... Last five years in the device of the president there is only one group. It is the command of those who helps the president to execute its constitutional powers .

... Situations in mass-media

Those mass-media which are supervised by any one grouping - imperious, oligarchical or sectarian are not free...

... The right ideology

I do not exclude that to one of bases of development of the right ideology could become and corresponding fraction in an United Russia ...

... To delegation of power

Today we have a possibility to create tradition of delegation of power a lawful way on the basis of real democracy .

... Strong Russia

Today Russia has become stronger from within and again began to declare itself as the high-grade player on the international scene. It is not pleasant... The basic question to a pain a sign: a leah there goes Russia? A leah we have curtailed on an authoritarianism track... We should concern easy all to it, not to justify and not to wag, proving that we remained former. That we are attached to universal values... Time will place all in the places .

... A country economic situation

the Economic situation is not critical, but should guard at least. Really, there was some decrease in rates of increase, there are also risks of increase of inflation .