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Moscow suburbs in breaks

Very few people knows that our Earth - that in Africa that in Moscow suburbs - consists of blocks. As a cube of Rubika. And its surface - simply mosaic from slices of the different form. In depth the largest of them leave kilometres on 40. Blocks not always are on friendly terms between itself. They disperse in the parties, forming cracks. They press against each other, giving birth to mounts.

blocks move - pipelines are torn, rails are bent, walls and the bases of buildings crack. Such is the theory of scientists of the Moscow mountain state university (MGGU). While it is not recognised officially. At the same time many accidents remain inexplicable, and under court there are switchmen - builders or architects. But if to use the Map of geodynamic division into districts already made for Moscow Region, it is possible to be saved from purchase of the house or building in dangerous area. Or to strengthen operating buildings, bridges and pipelines in places where blocks border with each other so, clash. These places conditionally name breaks.

- having designated dangerous zones, we do not urge to forbid area development in these parts, - a Dr.Sci.Tech. Irina Batugina speaks. - Simply thus it is necessary, for example, hardly to shift places of building or to use other designs and materials.

by the way, in Malino Stupinsky area under the recommendation of scientists have suspended building of hospital which is on the brink of a dangerous break.

under the assumption of experts of mountain university, through earth crust breaks outside there is an energy of the Earth. In these parts people, scientists confirm, the beauty of the nature shakes.

- when we have imposed a map of breaks on usual geographical Vysotsky a monastery in Serpukhov and Vladychnyj on opposite coast of Oka have laid down in places of breaks, - Irina Batugina has noticed. - And in Malino, where also passes one of the largest breaks (from Carpathians to Ural Mountains), many long-livers and too - very beautiful places are inexplicable. While we know that through breaks bowels to us leave radioactive gas radon, here there are electromagnetic fields. It influences a status of the person but as - still it is necessary to study. Then we will know, where it is necessary to build sanatorium, a kindergarten or prison.

the surprising fact. Serpukhov is far enough from the river, and it is strange - after all ancestors always put a city at water. Scientists see an explanation that when - that Oka has changed a channel. And there was it from - for earth motions - through Serpukhov passes the large break well appreciable on a map.

Breaks of Moscow Region.

the Unpleasant fact. The burial ground of a nuclear waste near Sergiev Posad also is on a break. Fortunately, not so serious. Scientists insist that their theory should be put into practice. Otherwise consequences of a choice of a place under building of serious objects can lead to unpredictable consequences.


we cannot have earthquakes

- At people geological breaks associate often with ground failures in Moscow, - Nikolay RUMJANTSEV, the doctor of the sciences, the merited geologist of Russia considers. - it is necessary to understand that in the centre of capital people rummage one thousand years. And we even do not suspect, how much underground dilapidated cellars, secret passages. Naturally, in due course the buildings constructed over them, start to give.

other variant - failures in Horoshevsky area. Here karstic soils are washed away by underground waters. To breaks it is any relation has no.

Moscow and area stand on Russian or East - the European platform, one of the steadiest educations of earth crust. In the nearest pair of thousand years large breaks and earthquakes here are impossible. But cracks are quite possible. Another matter how much they are deep. According to modern geology, danger of microbreaks on depth 500 - 800 metres is strongly exaggerated.


It should be considered!

In edition Evgenie IVANOV has called, the former chief is industrial - technical department strojkompanii Comet :

- In article Transvaal has failed from - for earthquakes? (from 1. 04. 05. - a comment red.) absolutely correct assumption. 10 years ago we strengthened a building of tubercular hospital in Kurkin. It costs on the brink of breakage, in the same way, as an aquapark. Breaks are similar. It was necessary or build in the distance from them, or to put additional piles.