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In one pocket to us distance privileges, and from another - have taken away

past Saturday (on April, 2nd) has published special release All privileges for military men . In a material have been listed sotsgarantii and advantages which the state gives to personnel military men, store rooms, members of their families after law introduction 122 about a monetization. We have asked our readers to be voiced, how work federal privileges in various regions of Russia. Yesterday edition has received the first responses by phone and electronic mail - more than 200.

Sergey Osokin, the reserve officer, Rostov-on-Don:

- the Veterans of the military service who have not reached 60 years, have deprived of travel privileges in city public transport. That 240 roubles which are added to pension, suffice me only for 10 days, and that provided that I go only for work and from work. Unless it is an order?

Nina Jatsenko, the widow of the military man, the Leningrad region, Lomonosovsky r - n, village Gorbunki:

- My husband was the commander of a part. Wared in Afghanistan. Was seriously injured. Has died in 1996. I am an invalid of II group. To a monetization had essential privileges on treatment, journey, a payment for phone and apartment. Now of me all it have deprived. The power has forgotten about widows of military men?

FROM EDITION: we wait from readers of new letters on privileges. Military lawyers will respond to your questions. The request to send letters with a mark Privileges for military men .