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The State Duma has justified Zurabova

to Listen to head Minzdravsotszashchity Zurabova and Minister of Finance Kudrin has gathered to so much people that in passes was close. Zyuganov had to sit on an added chair. Zhirinovsky has sent in advance the boy - that has taken to it a place.

- here an example that such a monetization. I have seen to it sitting with convenience, and Zyuganov - is not present, - Zhirinovsky has told, leaving on a tribune. - what is this the terrible name - 122 - j the law? It is necessary to name it the Law on improvement of life of people !

And the chairman of Committee of the Duma on sotsvoprosam Isaev has informed that exempts began to have a rest more on resorts.

Kudrin did marks in papers. Zurabs that threw sad looks in a hall it was gently whispered with the neigbour Lahovoj and ironed a microphone. And then to Zurabovu have pledged a word. And he has told: Quarter was extremely difficult for the government, but we are convinced that the law correct... For three months to exempts it has been allocated more than 300 thousand vacation packages .

What for this of Zurabs so angrily scoffs at us? - Zyuganov has rumbled from a tribune. Zurabs of the beginnings greedy to drink water, and in words Zyuganov it has gathered 103 million citizens has simply shut the face with the hands.

but Kudrin has most of all surprised. Its pathos as a result was reduced to that people have started to concern a monetization of social benefits more kindly. If in the beginning of year of 53 % disapproved to 122 - mu to the law, today them already 39 %. Not all understand, - Kudrin has concluded, - but dynamics positive is .

in general, the rating does not happen...