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At Katya Strizhenovoj have withdrawn a sweet from - under feet

First of all at a cinema we have come across on 6 - Joseph Prigozhin Lizu`s summer daughter. She by a mobile phone wished the father happy birthday. Her mother of businesswoman Lejla Fattahova, Prigozhin`s former wife, smiled.

- the daddy, here at us competitions everyones. Clowns... - in three minutes Liza has skipping escaped in a hall where children collected plots of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen from the designer Lego Belvil . The whole congress of star families has gathered For a feast in honour of birthday of the great storyteller.

full structure Strizhenovy have appeared suddenly. Father Sasha showed to a younger daughter, 4 - summer the Sachet, the fantastic train running on rails. It seems that he and itself had no objection to jump in it. Mum Katya together with senior Nastej fed parrots with grapes.

- I want to buy a parrot, young, trained. But road, the gangster, 4 thousand dollars costs, - Katya speaks to me. - At me already one parrot was, Romochka. He spoke: the Katyusha, go to eat! Sasha, put on a hat! Str - r - rizhenov - a good birdie! it is a pity, has departed.

here declared competition - cockfights ! Well type such that reigned on a farmstead in the Disgusting duckling . To a circle has gone 9 - Irina Allegrovoj Sasha`s summer grandson. The crest red has fastened and well the rival to peck . And after all has pecked . Has seized a prize - and to mum Lale.

- It is a pity, Irina of its exploits does not see, - Irina Allegrovoj`s daughter laughs. - My mum for Sashi - mum, and I as sestruha. It is necessary If to take in hand the son so I speak to it: Ira it will be dissatisfied .

For five minutes on a feast Elena Ishcheeva has dropped in. Has left five years` Danilku with father Phillip (Ilyin - Adaev - the employee of one of capital banks) and has left on the BMW on channel shootings House .

- Lena half a year had a rest from television, and now here again... It is necessary it from 7 mornings till 10 evenings to conduct the program, - the spouse has complained. But there and then, having seized Danilku under a mouse, has run away on football - to support native the Dynamo .

Katya Strizhenova has appeared Most approximate of all mummies. As it with children air through a grid threw balls - directly pionervozhataja! And here a sweet has blown . In dancing competition other mummy has dragged off it at Katya directly from - under feet.