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Protect shchitovidku!

Who tightens У " site; on a neck

metabolism Infringement, immunity decrease, seasonal deficiency of useful substances, especially iodine, lead to that the thyroid gland starts to work in the strengthened mode. And to develop necessary quantity of hormones, it should expand the area. It can increase in sizes (hypertrophy), and the quantity of its cages can increase, that is gland becomes more dense (giperplazija).

Such excessive activity shchitovidki calls rather dangerous disease - gipertireoz (tireotoksikoz). In due course obrazovyvaetsja У " site; on a neck - a craw.

Diffuznym fall ill with a toxic craw of the woman at the age from 20 till 50 years is more often.

Are irritated on trifles? Check up hormones

the central nervous system is Most sensitive to hormonal failures shchitovidki.

the First symptoms of illness are connected with infringement of function of a cerebral cortex. The person becomes easily excitable, irritable on trifles, whining, quickly is tired even of insignificant loadings. The sleeplessness and a depressive spirit Afterwards comes. Not casually competent psychotherapists first of all send patients with such symptoms to endokrinologu.

For gipertireoza are characteristic:

raised potlivost, a fever;
a sharp weight loss at the raised appetite;
infringements in sexual sphere;
a constant symptom - muscular weakness;
develops pucheglazie (ekzoftalm).

Any time У " site; on a neck can not show itself in any way. But after all the above loading on body, the is more probability of genetic breakage in cages. Also the risk of transformation of щитовидки sites in malignant tumours is great.

shchitovidki diseases are Extremely dangerous to the pregnant women feeding women and small children.

why children

suffer affliction There is a weight of the researches confirming that the lack of hormones shchitovidki at the child conducts to backlog in the growth, to the slowed down formation of sexual glands, congenital kretinizmu, to infringements of formation of a vestibular mechanism.

symptoms of problems with shchitovidkoj at kids:

skin colour with voskovatym outflow;
the general puffiness, odutlovatost persons;
reactions become braked, the child participates in games inactively and without pleasure;
tearfulness without the reason, a faltering dream;
a small appetite;
characteristic У owl`s У a sight.

where to take iodine?

In 70 % of cases of infringement in thyroid gland work calls a lack of an iodine organism (he participates in synthesis of hormones shchitovidki).


the Thyroid gland

Develops tiroksin and trijodtironin - hormones containing iodine which stimulate a metabolism and energy, and also kaltsitonin - it provides durability of bones.

hormones shchitovidki operate the expense of fibers, regulate activity of a brain, nervous system, sexual and mammary glands, growth and development of the child.

as the best natural sources of iodine are considered:

Sea kale.

sea fish (a herring, a salmon, a mackerel, a tuna) and seafood (shrimps, crabs, mussels, oysters).

In a crude potato decent quantity of iodine, but 50 % collapse at cooking.

now many products specially jodirujut. To receive daily norm of iodine (approximately 150 - 170 mkg), it is possible to use a teaspoon jodirovannoj salts (only to strew it already ready dishes: at cooking iodine disappears) or to eat in day of 250 grammes jodirovannogo bread.


1,5 million people in Russia suffer affliction from thyroid gland diseases.