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The family

We is necessary to these children we continue our heading I Search for mum! for those who wants and can take on education of the baby.

to arrange children - orphans on guardianship, adoption or an advowson helps Department of education of Moscow.


Was born in 2002. Sociable, kind, tender, not on age the independent. Can play alone long though, of course, rejoices the companies. It was thrown on a hospital porch right after by births. Intellectually and mentally develops quite normally, but additional physical activities because there are medical problems with the right leg are necessary for it.


Was born in 1998. Inquisitive, with good memory and attention. Very much loves dialogue with adults. Develops according to age.



Was born in 2000. Adores to play in machines Builds and moulds, is fond of the designer. Possesses rare medical certificate - it is almost healthy .


Was born in 2000. The child as speak, thoroughbred appearance. Future ladies` serdtseed. Very clever, benevolent boy. It is active in dialogue, likes to play designers. Develops normally.


Was born this year. The quiet, not whimsical girl.


the Moscow regional databank (all information on the Moscow orphans needing parents) is to the address: the Semenovsky area, d. 4, an office 234. Visiting days: Monday - 16. 00 - 18. 00; Thursday - 10. 00 - 13. 00.

Phone for inquiries: 366 - 83 - 33.