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What for to the divisional of shoe Kenzo?

Alexander MARININ.
object replacement .
Publishing house eksmo .


the Citation:

From the car of the stamp parked near theatre Audi there was a man by name of Nikolay Kuznetsov and has risen so that to see an exit. Alla Sorochenko, the young beautiful woman in expensive coat finished with fur of a chinchilla after a while has in the doorway seemed. Smiths has moved in a direction to it and while it was already absolutely nearby, the first shot " was distributed;.

About what:

the Hero new marininskogo the novel - the divisional. It goes for a drive on BMW, carries boots Kenzo regularly puts on a tuxedo and goes to an opera to listen to Verdi... And then comes home and feeds five cats with meat.

to Marinin`s Taken aback readers quickly explains that to what. Militiaman Igor Doroshin earns the money, composing songs for one priest - groups. He listens to Verdi, because his father - one of the most known opera singers of the world (Igor since the childhood turned behind side scenes, and since the childhood has fallen in love with music). And it holds cats, because these small animals - almost the main passion of his life. And all at it, in general, well that you will not tell at all about the novel. At the novel all is bad.

object replacement - a detective in which is not present either the interesting criminal, or an interesting crime, interesting investigation. Is but set of dialogues and monologues, about love, jealousy, nerves and etc. characters in style " Express; as on - hand-written also composed it hand-written obviously not Vladimir Nabokov. The text creeping away on seams will force to remember with nostalgia Kamensk: With Anastasiej Pavlovnoj g - zha Marinin coped much more dexterously, than with muzhichkom - koshkovladeltsem.


At war the Spanish person
1. Arturo PERES - REVERTE. With intention to offend .
eksmo .


2. Arturo PERES - REVERTE. the Spanish rage .
eksmo .


the Citation:

1. How much it is possible to think out to itself new, politically correct history, and then to write about it books and to shoot films? .

2. Having broken a system, we have rushed vdogon for the enemy, and their first victims became wounded and lagged behind which broke heads, cut hands - feet, cut drinks, did such through tears that any needle will not darn, and was to nobody neither mercy, nor pity .

About what:

At first the first and second books seem small volumes from different shelves. In the first case we deal with the collection of the essays written for the newspaper where Peres - Reverte conducted a weekly heading, and in the second - with continuation of adventures of captain Alatriste. In one case - publicism and topic of the day, and in other - the seventeenth century, a ring of swords. However with the only thing intention to offend writers seldom print the works. It seems that was at Peres - Reverte at least one more intention - to explain.

in the essays he imperceptibly explains that, what for he on a broader scale composes novels. What for searches for that dirt of old Spain that is hidden under a lace of collars in Velasquez pictures.

and a dirt Peres - Reverte on pages of the adventure stories throws out set. This dirt is mixed with blood, and the siege Brads, in the Spanish textbooks described in the raised tone, appears as a nightmare. Just right on the book to write to 16 it is not recommended to children : drinks in the Spanish rage cut rather naturalistically.

so what for this inappropriate for an easy genre cruelty? Probably, in order that today in Spain - as well as at us - too often copy history textbooks to please to politicians. Ah, how simply to divide in the left epoch the world into bad and good guys. On noble Spaniards and foreign enemies. As it is simple then prishlepat morals convenient for the power and to shout we Will revive former power! We will return the Golden Age! . Peres - Reverte in the Golden Age does not believe. He believes in the simple person who, despite nasty thing of a policy, manages the person to remain. And all the same, what century on a court yard: it will be on the battlefield dirty.

Valentina of Lvov

the Estimation

***** - it is healthy
**** - well
*** - curiously
** - so-so
* - horror


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