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Another`s children

At entrance to settlement Afanasevo you will see the charred remains of recently burnt down house. On remains the sickly wreath in memory about burnt down in the same to the house to the girl to Tana is suspended. kljatoe morning her mother has gone to that on job search, and from a shabby small stove, it is visible, the piece of coal has jumped out... The little girl locked in the house in the - could break those six years a window and escape, but it has been hungry and weakened... The most insulting that the same day at the girl the turn on a free dining room for starving children of Afanasevsky area has approached, and mum, leaving, promised with a smile, what today Tanjusha to a sailing nakushaetsja during the lunchtime the favourite chicken soup, hot, with vermishelkoj! And this happiness will reign in their small family already the whole two weeks!

starving children in Afanasevsky area on the administration account - about eight hundred, and possibility at free stolovki scanty. Therefore the group by number in thirty children who are fed up by two weeks is typed, and after give also to another pohlebat! Tanjushu, of course, to all it is very a pity, and only small comfort to that grief that its place in stolovke was occupied out of turn with other hungry child...

vodka for grudnichka

the Reader never would learn about this history if your author absolutely casually does not appear in that taiga settlement Afanasevo on severo - the east of the Kirov region.

left so that I have come angered in regional Office of Public Prosecutor: Why your prison authorities do not start up the correspondent in prison?! At first ordered a paper to the heads a tax. Has submitted! So they declared this very day quarantine on all vjatskim to zones!

the regional public prosecutor Paul Pavlovich Kukushkin has appeared the person extremely opened: to Workers UIN I can not order, and if want to describe a lawlessness, it and at liberty more than in prison! I will give the car in any area. Tomorrow, our employee Savinyh goes with planned proverkoju in Afanasevo. If want, she on road of the such will tell...

from this that has told to me dorogoju Anna Pavlovna Savinyh - the senior assistant to the prosecutor of the region, I will result not the most terrible, sparing a nerve of the reader. ... And still recently there was a case: a certain young alcoholic the daughter from the very first days births podpaivala vodka! Well that that did not shout for hunger, and slept... So proceeded two years! And then this, forgive, mother has poured to it a dose, and the girl has not sustained, has died... You know, Nikolay, at me is not present animosity to this mother. It is sick and mad. But I abhor fiercely all those people - healthy and clever, - in the face of which two years all that was created! About it knew all settlement and though one would be - in the newspaper any has informed... And the heads regional, their militia?! Here whom followed judge and punish! But there is no on that a law. It is correctly told: be afraid more of all - indifferent!

good people in Russia as a dirt...

In administration of Afanasevsky area of a wall are painted jadrenoju by foul language arshinnymi letters. If yesterday I stared, being surprised: Ek, someone zahuliganil is direct before my ward! - that today has suddenly understood: Here so always... the Foul language is traced by a finger on dirty whitewashing near with an office of the Center of social service of the population.

the director of the Center Tatyana Noskova, without guessing yet that the correspondent has specially arrived to try to discover a dirt... has begun to tell about the big work: the organisations of ski walks, meetings with veterans...

why you the black party interests only? - Will bring to my tomorrow an attention to the question the area heads. - how much at us good people! They are not interesting to you?! once again I will respond: In the rich country where children in large quantities starve, good people be simple basically cannot!

I too at all the righteous man, and to another`s children never love tested - in good, even in bad sense of a word. To simply me personally here this another`s grief very much prevents to live: for a long time do not make laugh the Notice and other there jumoriny .

Anna Savinyh: - to your official reports a place in a toilet!
Hungry children could not be withdrawn simply...

the Reader will be obviously surprised with our subtitle Today in Russia starve about 7 million children . Whence such tsifir?! Give we will count together. In Afanasevsky area where the foot of your author has casually stepped, live akkurat 17 000 persons. About 800 children here constantly undereat, as their parents behind line of poverty (as that mamka the burnt down girl). The population of Russia - 145 000 000. It turns out that on the country per capita hungry children about 7 million. Well plus - a minus one million two...

in the same area statistically 139 asotsialnyh families. Better to say - fallen to drunk madness to last stage of beastliness. It when in not baked house only naked walls and a screen wiper (they drink it), bought on children`s grants. In these families about 300 children. Them precisely you will not count - so often are born and die. In administration make a helpless gesture - and what with them to do, with asotsialnymi?! It would be necessary to deprive today of all of them the parental rights, but all children`s homes of the Kirov region and boarding schools for mad children are overflowed! Doctors rejoice, when mummy from this environment manages to be persuaded for a spirit half-glass at least to put a spiral. But it is fast it that spiral again will pull out, therefore as the child for reception of children`s grants is necessary, naturally, on sing.

to you to multiply this adjushnik by all Russia or will consult?

the Kirov region on all indicators it is far not bad, to it only with other central journalists has not carried... - as one local official was voiced. In the first part a companion, probably, the rights. On Vyatka practically there is no narcotism owing to poverty. The SCREEN WIPER and COLOGNE before which vjatskie the authorities are helpless and powerless Here predominate. And it is terrible to present, kakushchy the gloom is created in the Ural, Tyumen, Yakut jungle where money is found and the DRUG corrects!

Parents do not choose, but life can be chosen

Shpanu poselkovuju on command of Anna Pavlovny, the senior assistant to the prosecutor of the region, militiamen have collected in school sports hall. Has jammed their person to hundred. On forward benches have taken seat decent peteushniki, and in back rows at the sight of the aunt in a dark blue uniform and epaulets of the colonel zaegozili and have started to guffaw.

- I will speak on clear to you language! - declared for back rows Anna Pavlovna and so has put... That public in a moment has respectably become silent. - here when you will appear there - at prison parashi, beaten and lowered, do not say that you did not anticipate! In this life at you only two ways: or to repeat bestial life of your parents - drunks, parasites and to terminate life in a dirt under a fence, or to start to respect itself...

And when it has read on memory a little repentance maljav (letters) from the abrupt boys who have begun to see clearly in a prison hell, halls skukozhilsja, and a uniform curve grin.

Anna Pavlovna, of course, not the silly woman, well understands that the story about horrors of a zone shpanu for a long time will not intimidate. And it would be necessary to nurture not on fear - on conscience. Only are rare in the bear edges (and in capitals too) sensible tutors.

ruin in toilets

About Anna Pavlovnu Savinyh I after vyznal: From ancient komissarskogo to a sort, but hides an origin to avoid a misfortune from the democratic power. Character, however, that at Pavki Korchagina!

house Remains in which the hungry girl has alive burnt down.
Arrival of Anna Pavlovny in any area of area is similar to act of nature: will arrange defeat - will not seem a little! On the eve of our arrival to Afanasevo the head of administration where - that has moved down, and the public prosecutor of area was urgently called by the volunteer to the Chechen Republic. Blow has had on the second, the third parties.

- that to me all your official reports, when at you in administrative toilets - that in Agievyh stables?! How it is possible to respect you for such toilets?!

- there is money, no Anpavlovna!

- Here this favourite your phrase - the impenetrable reservation for each careless official! Here you, the commission on affairs of minors when last time left in villages? When met chief ROVD?... Never?!!... And you, militia why here at you antisocial persons have divorced so much?! Ah, at you democracy also it is impossible to involve for drunkenness so involve for beating of wives! Or they here on pjanke do not beat women?!

on the way back Anna Pavlovna suddenly admits the car:

- you do not think that I such - Gorynych in a skirt, actually I gentle and fluffy, very much love lyrical poetry. But nowadays against Russia there is a war - the most silent, the most mean what the country yet did not use to know. The people decay from within under action of so-called new culture. And here, of course, not to poetry.

on everyone with soshkoj seven with a spoon

In the country there are no hands, and even millions guest workers not in forces to close a manufacture gap. Therefore on tops all say about pension age lifting more annoyingly. But... Only in ours Afanasevsky area thousand unemployed wander... From them 720 persons - the present sloggers, experts. They receive grants for idleness to 2490 roubles a month. Thus they need to be supervised, that they really idled, instead of worked on the quiet where - that. For control over the unemployed special people in the regional Center of employment work. Controllers in the spotty form invisible to an eye make round-ups of tree fellings, in the markets, at farmers and etc. Will catch the unemployed on work and there and then deprive of its grant!

remembering dirty toilets, has asked in the employment Center: Why for the same money on unemployment not to suggest bezrabotnichkam to wave with a whisk a pair of clocks, to grandmothers of fire wood to prick, vdovushkam hay skopnit? Then also it is not necessary to catch them on lesosekam... - It is impossible, that is not registered in the Law!

So, it is necessary to us to wait a little with pension wherefore it is necessary to feed jobless spindle-legs!

at all this nonsense on Vyatka - I can guarantee - there is a certain honesty. But I represent, what in the south of Russia: there for certain any chief of the similar centre for two - three years of service can buy island...

inveterate slaves it is necessary to release violently

the People at us as it is accepted to speak, especial. The serfdom gene still lives in it. It is assured that in one other country there is no such quantity spivshihsja degradatov per capita. Means, it is necessary to create for them any humane, but the closed clinics where they would grow up pigs and a potato for themselves and for starving Russian children. Other variants at us simply are not present. The Local authorities to these people and to their starving children are absolutely blind. All these bodies sotszashchity, committees on youth affairs, on affairs of minors, culture departments. . It would be necessary to abolish as useless, but to create in each area the extreme commissions on national rescue from democracy. And at the head of these to put the chief like Anna Pavlovny. Such (such) will be found in each area.

I understand that this article and remains on newspaper sheet. But the future historians, studying perdition of Russia, will know let, as during our corrupted times there were women in public prosecutor`s uniforms which could rescue the country, only was them very little...

and what you will tell concerning the read? Call us today, on April, 6th, on bodies. (095 257 - 50 - 63 with 12. 00 to 13. 00 (time Moscow)