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As I became kvartirmejsterom

Colonel Alexander Shaburov (Vladivostok) not so long ago have sent in edition the letter. The officer complained that before dismissal it has appeared in heavy position: have deduced for staff, money do not pay, the apartment is not present, though the turn has approached for a long time also habitation distribute (but it gets to another, quicker and penetrative). With the wife and two children the colonel kantuetsja in any poor office peasant house. And the salary to it should be beaten out every month through court. I call in a division staff. Komdiv - the general - the major Michael Nikiforov - was away. I have asked the operative person on duty to report on the commander that I understand with the complaint of Shaburova in the newspaper and I want to understand, why at it scoff and do not give a roof over the head.

after a call has not passed also two weeks as the colonel who has become stupid for pleasure has informed in that to it have written out the warrant on apartment, and he on two times in the course of the day began to give thanks to me for the help. Probably, a message about miracle To paw SHaburova in the newspaper has quickly extended on air defence division therefore as already soon I began to receive therefrom new complaints the homeless officers. Colonel Victor Glushnev (one of the first in turn) informs: I could receive for a long time the put habitation if komdiv has conceded me one of the two apartments. Abruptly. It is during the investigation found out that the second apartment - a gift of the governor of Primorski Krai Sergey Darkina. In the device of the governor have specified: it has been presented not personally to the general, and a division. But it is issued on komdiva. Hence, all the same should get to the suffering person included in a waiting list. On a question - why it is not made till now? - The room commission of a division and the Vladivostok military Office of Public Prosecutor refuse to respond. I go va - bank - I inform the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces through its assistant. Already the next day in edition the answer of colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky arrives: the apartment, presented divisions the governor, is distributed.

And in editorial mail - the new complaint. This time from the younger sergeant of contract service of Svetlana Sidorinoj from Kamensk - Shahtinska (the service experience - 11,5 years). It is mother of three children! - have thrown out from room turn under the oral order of the chief garrison KECH. That referred to the commander of armies of Severo - the Caucasian military district: the pier, is the order the general - colonel Alexander Baranova to give habitation first of all to officers (the roughest infringement of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Law About the status of military men ). I call in staff SKVO. To me inform that Rams such criminal order never gave . I am converted into district military court. There promise to understand and inform. Have understood. Have informed. The court recognised actions of chief KECH illegal (to it only have specified ) Also has decided to restore Sidorinu in turn within 10 days.

has not had time to be glad for Sidorinu - new call about the help. And again - a room problem. The former commander of an aviation regiment the colonel of a stock Alexander Pushtorsky cannot receive 11 years apartment in Smolensk. Lives in another`s corner on suitcases. The reason: his wife when - that has inherited from the late mother habitation in Belarus. I call in a city administration. I try to understand, in what zakavyka as one is connected with another. In the answer - a muffled explanation of people with juridical education. There is nothing, we will continue to call to achieve justice. We will war for each offended officer...