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The oil industry worker from the broken plane married directly in hospital

Oil industry worker Maxim Martynovsky and its civil wife Dina Kovshevnikova planned to go to a registry office in June.

- I should return from watch, - Maxim tells. - at us with the Dyne it will be fast the child. Therefore for wedding prepared in advance. Rings in February have bought.

on March, 17th when Maxim flied in Varandej, the Dyne passed inspection in hospital. At once from clinic she has called Maxim`s mum: we will have a daughter! and in the answer has heard through crying: Call back to me at once as you will come home .

the Future mother-in-law already knew that the plane has broken also many were lost. About Maxim of anything it was known yet. His father waited in Narjan - Mare of an arrival of new watch to be changed and come back home. When the Dyne has got home, he has already joyfully informed: Maxim is live.

- his daughter has rescued, - the Dyne considers now.

As soon as Maxim has come to the senses in hospital of Perm, he has decided to register at once marriage with the Dyne.

- I was born the second time, - he speaks. - and in June I should adopt own child.

to celebrate wedding have solved directly in hospital, together with the friends who have worried tragedy.

doctors have specially prepared in neurosurgery branch a hall of matrimonies . But the small room has hardly contained all visitors. On a celebration to hospital there have arrived relatives and friends of a newly-married couple, doctors have come. And here Maxim`s lying together with it in hospital the companions, it was necessary to bring on wedding directly on wheelchairs - they still cannot rise and move. To the groom for the sake of such case doctors have allowed the first time to rise after an air crash from a hospital cot. Under a snow-white shirt of the groom still there was a corset.

- the husband already goes on the amendment, - the happy Dyne speaks. - It promise to write out next week. And in the first of May the daughter should be born.