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Chests upwards!

the Beauty - already in eyes rjabit

It seems that to developers of lingerie of the classic has set the teeth on edge - all summer collections dazzle with paints. Romantic monophonic lacy bras lose the urgency till late autumn. The fashionable brassiere looks as top of a bathing suit that is especially useful at the closeness which has covered Moscow. The sweated young lady can unbutton without fear bluzochku on the way home (and even at all to remove), and what, can, it from a beach comes back?

by the way, pozrachnye silicone shoulder-straps in this season too remained behind a board . The shoulder-strap has gone now courageous and bright, it does not need in zaprjatyvanii and hushing up. She wishes, that it considered yes more steadfastly.

and if who has a proof hostility to motley underwear, that is alternatives. The monophonic model should look as gentle weightless setochka (such brassiere easily is located in a cap The kinder - a surprise ) . The second variant - ecological the clap and a little lycras, the form - is faster sports, rather than the classical. Laces as furnish, alas, are cancelled.


In 1889 Frenchwoman Ermina Kadoll has invented that form of a bra to which we have got used. However the invention of Kadoll did not use success, while women have not started to work - up to the First World War.


It is necessary to tell about Nejchural the Sconce - a silicone self-glued bra (the novelty at the price of 2800 rbl. is widely advertised on TV). Having tried this piece on itself, we have to inform the following:

1) the product suits support of a bust in the size 1 - 3, for 0 - it is not meaningful, for 4 - go and more - does not hold;

2) it is pasted really tightly It is possible not to be afraid of unpleasant surprises at sharp movements or jumps;

3) it is not necessary for putting on for work wherefore after 6 hours (about it manufacturers, by the way, fairly warn) there is an itch and intolerable desire to remain topless;

4) at close men the Sconce calls insuperable fastidiousness. Belief and arguments do not operate.

the resume: the expensive, but a useful piece for issues (remember, without intim subsequently!) .


Singer Julia NACHALOVA:
Under a top on me in a floret

- I clothes buy linen spontaneously: I come into shop, all madly is pleasant to me, something I put on for primerki and I buy. Here passed by the Wild Orchid has come and has bought black underwear in it is red - a yellow floret.

yet so a long time has returned from Paris, to Moscow has brought pair of topics: one - pink with butterflies, another - with the open back, embroidered sine - it is yellow - pink colours, a white short skirt which was effectively added with a thong in the form of multi-coloured coins, and jeans from Nina Ricci.

On a chest - the whole world.
the Couple of globes very much is to be considered more close. This bra will make you irresistible, especially for fans of geography or travellers.

the price - 2700 rbl.

Playboy on a march.
to draw the attention? Easily! Men like to consider something habitual, surprises frighten them. zajchikami they are precisely familiar with these!

the price - 2200 rbl.

Madam the Superbust strictly is in the fashion down with the sexy! . For this purpose it has pumped out a little more silicone from a chest. Result - the democratic second size packed into sports linen.