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Amalia Goldansky has again married

Yesterday in the Hamovnichesky registry office Amalia Goldansky became the lawful spouse of businessman Vadim Beljaeva. Visitors were invited to one o`clock in the afternoon. The first to a registry office have arrived Alexey Kortnev with spouse Aminoj and the director of radio station Echo Moscow Alexey Venediktov. A newly-married couple was late. Kortnev thoughtfully embraced the wife and gently stroked on a head. Venediktov joked: Perhaps to you the second time to get married? And that suddenly Amalia and Vadim have changed the mind... by the way, the soloist Accident has left barchelor life in the Hamovnichesky registry office.

heroes of the festivities have appeared with delay forty minutes. With them there have together arrived mum of the actress, Lyudmila Sergeevna, and a daughter - Diana. Vadim Natalia Moiseevna`s mum and its fifteen-year daughter Alisa have arrived literally in five minutes.

the bride looked charmingly: in a white suit - a skirt and a blouse, in semiboots on heels. And with hours SHopard without a dial, a gift from the favourite. The groom too has preferred to a standard tuxedo a white suit in a thin strip. Amalia was nervous a little.

- you of that, for the first time, a leah that?! - Laughing, her mother has supported.

ceremony has appeared unlike usual tiresome procedure. Nobody spoke grandiloquent words. And to the contrary - the leader, in combination the girlfriend of a newly-married couple, has told story in brief their love, has congratulated and has handed over the certificate on marriage check in in hands to Beljaevu with words:

- It is considered, who the first takes documents in hands, that and will be the family head. I will not give you the option. Because I consider that such man as Vadim, should and will be the main thing. And it is correct.

Amalia did not mind. Only joyfully smiled. And with pleasure has substituted a tiny finger under an exclusive ringlet from Tiffani . The small Diana dressed in a snow-white dress, having seen a new mum`s ornament, has combined palms in a prayer, asking to give it to it. But, without having received wished, has bitterly begun to cry.

- we to you will present other ringlet! - has calmed Diana Vadim and has stroked the girl on a head.

Banker Vadim Beljaev has made Goldansky the proposal under peal of bells.
On pleasure of visitors, the spouse have kissed and together with visitors have left to drink champagne. There already under shouts Bitterly! kissed more safely. Kortnev even has managed to count to fifty. And then together with the spouse, probably, having excited with an event, has escaped in a room for matrimonies and they... The same as also a newly-married couple, has exchanged rings.

on pleasure has congratulated newly married and has set it some questions:

- As you plan to mark so significant event in your life?

- at first we will go to restaurant. Narrow circle - only relatives and close friends. We will a little sit. And then we would like to stay together. We so are busy that not enough time we can give each other...

the Four-year daughter of the actress Diana was upset that to it have not given a wedding ringlet. It was necessary to mum to find in a bag an ornament and for the babe.
- Vadim, you such closed person... Than you are engaged actually? And that you that as the producer magnify, the executor of a chanson...

- Actually I the investment banker!

- Amalia, you gather in a honeymoon trip?

- yes. During week-end we depart to London for a week.

- when Vadim has made your the proposal?

- about, it was so romantically and unexpectedly. On New Year`s Eve, under peal of bells. And I have accepted it at once.

Having armed with bouquets, a newly-married couple together with visitors has gone to restaurant Noa . Menus have made basically fast dishes, sea delicacies, rizotto of a cuttlefish and fua - gra.

By the way as has told one of workers of a registry office, Amalia took a surname of the husband and there was Beljaevoj. Though in a caption it will be called all the same as Amalia end Amalia .

Amalia`s First husband - Igor Zorin and the second - Alexander Goldansky.
And more - the newly made spouse also has prepared to the husband a wedding gift. To hand over it it gathers... At night. But that it will be, Amalia holds in the strict secret. Mum of the actress has appeared more frank - she has presented to the son-in-law expensive pipe. Having sat down to table, Vadim began to smoke at once a mother-in-law`s gift. As has informed the friend of the family - producer Ruslan Vitrjanjuk, - after returning from a honeymoon trip a newly-married couple plans to buy to themselves apartment and to begin country house building.