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Dorenko Gennady Zyuganov will advertise Zyuganov

goes va - bank. Looking that the people have ceased to rage concerning a monetization of social benefits and does not leave any more well-disposed ranks on street meetings, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has decided to stir up new buchu.

not to allow to forget to people that there is such party the leader of communists has brought the demand for carrying out of the All-Russia referendum in the Moscow electoral committee.

Zyuganov Ivan Melnikov`s assistant has not tried to hide at all from journalists that already procedure of consideration of this demand by electoral committee - the advertising action of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Let even business also will not reach a referendum.

and for promotion and referendum preparation it decided to involve and natsbolov Limonova, and rodintsev Rogozin, and even TV presenter Sergey Dorenko.

questions for a referendum are thought up by quantity of 17 pieces. And each of them practically gives up as a bad job last undertakings of president Putin and the government.

is 17 instants of political spring, - Zyuganov has drawn an analogy with a known telemasterpiece.

And as in the street again April, the leader of the Russian communists has not missed a case and has remembered the trainer of communists of the whole world Lenin, naming the 17 questions also April theses .

in general, even communists, looking for the spring and advertising effect from fight in Zhirinovsky`s State Duma with the Native land have dared at own show.

it is told!

People were tired from   reforms... Perhaps, it is necessary to use other word, not   reforms and   changes to the best .

( Alexander ZHUKOV,   vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation, - from performance   At the International conference about upgrade of economy of Russia.)