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Call me simply Javier

Yesterday to Sochi to Putin there has arrived the sovereign representative of the European Union on foreign policy and security Javier Solana to settle questions at issue before the summit Russia - EU in Moscow on May, 10th. Mister Solana in Russia the infrequent visitor, but in Ukraine during time orange revolutions it was lighted on the full. In Kiev it simply shone, as the father shines, seeing the confident first steps of the sonny. More shortly, Solana has conceived the Ukrainian events by all hot Spanish heart, moreover and having put to them skilful hands.

to arrival of mister Solana in a bocharovom stream have repaired a summer residence 3. This dachka, located on the brink of residence, as though spare also is not used almost. When - that prime minister Tchernomyrdin has met on it news about black Tuesday . Gloomy, in general, dachka. Probably, for creation of a positive climate here have put a billiard table, have laid cheerful rugs and have hanged out the Italian landscapes. But this delicacy was not necessary to quick mister Solana - at it, judging by its kind, a feast in a shower. It has come tearing along vigorous, prompt, as all foreign policy of the European Union.

- Javier! - Putin has begun to smile and began to tell something to it on - anglijski. Then, when have taken seat, has made witticisms already on - russki: - it seems To me, it is already possible to name you the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

- call me simply Javier, - the sovereign representative has resolved, the first has laughed to the joke, then has put feet under a chair seat, has put them on socks and began to shake stupnjami, put in the Italian skin, showing the unchained carelessness.

- it is pleasant to me to notice that European Union and Russia relations successfully develop, are things in common, - Putin has informed, without naming points.

During this moment the representative of the President of Russia in EU Yastrzhembsky easy movement of a hand has put on graceful points a nose and began to summarise Putin`s speech with a kind of the person knowing all about all points in the world.

- it is very pleasant to me to be here, relations develop all better and better! - Solana has assured. He, however, too has not specified, in comparison with what. And with pressing has added: - We will continue to look at our problems from one points of view.

he has told it so confidently that at once it became clear: other points of view, except what carries on the world the Minister for Foreign Affairs Solana, simply cannot be. To us such enthusiasm!